Qt3 Movie Podcast: Top Gun: Maverick

Tom “Marmoset” Chick and Kelly “Tagline” Wand drive up the onramp, adjust their rear view mirrors, activate their turn signal, and carefully merge onto the highway to the danger zone! But why is Marmoset upset that real F-18s don’t fly like that? And why is Tagline hung up on what became of Kelly McGillis’ character? Can’t they just enjoy their 80s nostalgia like the rest of America? Tune in and find out!

Up next: The Innocents (and Thelma!)

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Tom: “I think it’s like a panther or something”.

From Wikipedia: “Most marmosets are about 20 cm (8 in) long. Relative to other monkeys, they show some apparently primitive features[…]”.

Wait, a marmoset is a frickin’ monkey? What am I thinking of? And how do I get in touch with the Callsign Registry Office? Do they have an emergency hotline?


Too bad! They’re still using fax.

So excited to see this come up in my podcast feed.

So exciting to see a podcast go up for a movie I’ve actually seen, for once! Woohoo!

Ok Chick, you made me not cry ironing a shirt starting that sh** at the end. You guys being back, that there was issues with your voice again, all that sh**. Fu both +1 for bring there once a week for almost a decade and feel like your among the closest people i know.

I started listening during dark days for me. Almost 10 years ago. Went through every episode including those amazing community gaming podcasts. Including the bad one with Dr. Crypt. ;)

I dont know what else to say. Glad your back. Thanks Kelly, Thanks Tom.

My favorite Opsis is Captain Phillips. “Whats your name in this Tom Hanks?” has become a staple quote.

Always wanted to meet Kelly for a beer when he was in Germany. Never brought up the courage to ask. XD

Good ep. 4/5

So wait, Tom … After all the years of shoot a monkey cries, the universe gave you a monkey call sign?


I do love that a silly movie like Top Gun Maverick, in which I didn’t cry, has brought us here. Internet hug, @disqus_OckUiJpJIu. Or, if I may, “Ock”. :) And next time you have the opportunity to meet Kellywand in the flesh, take it! You will have a strange and wonderful experience.

The universe did no such thing! Whatever this is…

…is what my call sign is supposed to be!


Keep telling yourself that…Tom “Marmoset” Chick

Thatched-Roof Cottage?


I’ve spoken to someone at the Callsign Registry Office… They said best they could do is Pallas’s cat.

I’ll take it! While the Callsign Registry Office investigates what animal I was thinking of, please refer to me as “Thatch Roof” over comms and not something that’s a part of the monkey family.

-Thatch Roof

Okay, fine! I’ll watch The Innocents.


I didn’t see the movie (cause I don’t see movies with John McCain in the title), but Glenn Powell was born the same year as me and would absolutely know the song “Slow Ride,” especially if Dazed and Confused exists in the Top Gun universe. You’ll have to remember our parents were those kids in Dazed and Confused and most of them kept listening to the same music for the next 50 years.

It’d be my honor next time I brave the ocean. Like mighty Pete Mitchell.


Totally fair point, but I think my main objection was to him saying he “loved” the song. No one his age loves a Foghat song! Heck, I don’t even love any Foghat songs! So I had meant to suggest that maybe the line had been written and the scene shot before they even knew what song they would have the rights for. It just seemed like such a generic comment, and if I recall correctly, it felt like Powell’s comment only existed to pull him out of the “insult battle” with Miles Teller. But I think we got sidetracked before I could say that.

But thanks for the generational math check! You kids all look the same age to me. :)


Good call, but it’s not that. I actually know what an ocelot is thanks to Kojima. Videogames are educational!


A marmot, perhaps?