Qt3 Movie Podcast: Top Ten Movies of 2023

I really liked Toms take on Paul Schrader films and men and violence, it finally made his Mishima movie make sense to me as I always couldn’t figure out why he made such a different film when it wasn’t so different after all.

I have not seen many 2023 flicks - Cocaine Bear is on my list. Probably Haunting in Venice and the D&D movie. The Holdovers and Master Gardener are now definitely on my to watch list.

Anxious to listen to the podcast. Lots of movies on the lists I still have to see. Just got back from Poor Things and kinda sad we’re not going to get an opsis for it.

Wow, it looks like the Academy gets what’s going on with Barbie and the depiction of the diminuation of women in society. But for the record, I was not looking forward for the Academy to nominate Gosling for Best Supporting Actor while snubbing Margot, not even for the lulz. At least Gosling is only nominated for Supporting Actor, which hopefully takes some of the sting out of being more than Kenough.

Ah, right, I vaguely remember this as the movie about Ethan Hawke being sad in the rain? I haven’t seen it, but I remember trailers from back before I had any meaningful context for Great Expectations. I’m certainly curious, especially after having bounced off a couple of more traditional adaptations. I suspect Pip and company might exist too vividly in my own imagination for me to brook anyone else’s. :)

But early Cuaron? Yes, please!

Kellywand even sent me a picture. It certainly wasn’t what I expected!

OMG, yes, @SamS, I didn’t even make that connection! But yes, this is absolutely part of that Schrader tradition! From before his hapless days trying to cajole some actress into a nude scene.

Never say not.

Great to have you both back!

After seeing All of Us Strangers, I have to revise my list. It’s a disgrace that Andrew Scott wasn’t recognized by the Academy. In less capable hands, this would’ve risked being Razzie material but director-writer Andrew Haigh created an beautifully devastating film about trauma and intimacy.

I’m still waiting on Zone of Interest, Perfect Days, and Poor Things to release in my neck of the woods.

Had to flip a coin on whether to post this here or in the Oscars topic. Tails won!

My girlfriend and I made it through half of the Best Picture nominees. This is not a prediction of who’s going to win, but purely a list in the order of my personal enjoyment of each film.

Poor Things – The most original movie I’ve seen in years. Brilliantly acted, amazing cinematography, unpredictable story, and just a fascinating film. (Don’t take your parents to it, though.) One to see in the theater.

American Fiction – Just saw that this weekend. Performances are wonderful, story doesn’t follow the expected formula, and beautifully filmed.

The Holdovers – Giamatti is wonderful. Just a fun film.

Barbie – You’ve all seen this, right? A far better movie than you’d ever guess it could be from the subject matter.

Oppenheimer – A great movie, well-acted, but pretty much an Oscar-bait historical drama. One of the best movies of the year, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as the others.

Still to see:

Anatomy of a Fall
Past Lives

Probably won’t watch:

The Zone of Interest – The subject matter is just not something I want to spend time on. I know that people who committed horrific crimes started as humans. From the critical reaction I’m assuming it doesn’t actually empathize with Auschwitz’s commander, but not sure the topic is something I want to spend hours of my life on.

Killers of the Flower Moon – I’m sure the acting and directing are amazing, and I’m so happy to hear about Lily Gladstone’s nomination, but I’m well aware of the horrific treatment of native Americans and don’t need to see a Scorsese/DiCaprio fictionalization of it.

Was so surprised to see the page updated again with two new podcasts. I quit checking regularly sometime over the last year. Great to hear from Tom and Kelly again. I missed having these podcasts in my life. Thank you Tom for fighting through the challenges and I hope there is more to come.

Yeah, it was a real treat to get a couple of surprise episodes :) I hope you guys do more!

A lot of these movies flew completely over my head in the last year. I don’t know if it’s me being a dummy, the press not doing a very good job, or Barbenheimer sucking all the air out of the room, but I got a few movies to add to the must-watch list.

I’ll be honest, I want a Kelly Wand Beekeeper opsis more than my body craves oxygen.

I think there’s a market for an entire podcast of Kellywand -opsises (“-opsii”?) and ad reads.

I second that.

Watching tonight! (There was a rain delay, sorry.)

I watched The Holdovers this weekend, and even going in with the expectation I’d love it, I was still surprised. I’d very narrowly place it in third for me, behind Oppenheimer and Poor Things, but man was that ever good.

YES! The Holdovers was my favorite movie of the year.

I recently got the soundtrack on vinyl. They did a great job making it look like an album from the seventies including the cover art, film stills, and liner notes. Fabulous!

Oh that is so cool! I loved the dedication to the 70s feel of the film.

The look of that album is amazing, but I’m going to be a wet blanket and say that as much as I absolutely adored Holdovers, the soundtrack did absolutely nothing for me. Which I should probably be castigated for, as I’m guessing Alexander Payne managed to score exactly the songs he wanted. But I didn’t know any of them and to my ear, they all sounded like lightweight Jackson Frank wannabes. : (

I mean, I couldn’t even get into whatever B-side Cat Stevens song they dug up for the Boston scene.

Hah! I was going to say that I didn’t need to hear that Cat Stevens song in any more media (not that I could necessarily name where else I’ve heard it). To me it’s one of his most prominent songs, just a step down from his few truly immortal tunes like Father and Son.

So I could have done without that particular retread, but I actually loved the other songs on the soundtrack (some modern, some 70s) that sounded like Cat Stevens!

(There should really be a Holdovers thread. I need to share what I just found out about Giamatti’s lazy eye.)