Qt3 Movie Podcast: Top Ten Movies of 2023

Ooh, do tell!

“It’s this one.”

It’s an A+ movie with maybe a B soundtrack. But it transports me back to snowy Barton Academy when I listen. I love the movie so the music becomes more wonderful just by association. Some of the songs have grown on me, and this Khruangbin song is gorgeous…

The first time I saw The Holdovers, when The Wind by Cat Stevens started playing over the scene at the ice rink, I thought it was way too obvious. Then I remembered how old I am and how much a new generation deserves to discover those songs. So make that three favorite movies featuring The Wind! (Almost Famous, Rushmore, and The Holdovers.)

I’m also getting the recent reissue of the soundtrack for Harold & Maude delivered soon.

Thank you, @rrmorton, for having the receipts to back up my statement.

Just watched Keyy Reichardt’s Showing Up and it’s now #5 on my 2023 list. Sorry, Wonka!

Who else has seen it? It’s another low-key Reichardt, but I was sucked in the whole time. (Unlike Aftersun, which was beautiful, but felt languorous.) I think I really enjoy watching artists work. Films are usually so terrible at portraying it, while this was good because it showed a lot of real artists doing their work at whatever art school in Portland it was filmed at.

Yeah, it’s a lovely and quiet, little portrait of an artist and a creative community. Michelle Williams is wonderful as always but so was Hong Chau as her friend/landlord/rival.

That one was a bit too low key for me. But I wouldn’t dream of missing a Reichardt and I’ll see literally anything with Hong Chau in it. I quite like the scenes and relationship between Williams and Chau.

What’s the premier Hong Chau film? Besides this, all I know about her is supposedly she was terrible in The Whale.

She was great in Poker Face, season one, episode 2.

Easily Downsizing. I defy you to watch Downsizing and not fall in love with her! That’s where I first saw her. But it’s very much an over-the-top performance and the movie itself is one of Alexander Payne’s more uneven efforts. She’s also really good in her low-key naturalistic way with Brian Dennehy in one of his last movies, Driveways:

Of course, I’m also quite fond of her cameo in Inherent Vice as a prostitute reading the menu on offer to Joaquim Phoenix.

But if you see just one Hong Chau performance, make it Downsizing!

She’s so good there!

I also enjoyed her in the Watchmen series.

She was also the head staff henchwoman in The Menu.

Awesome–that’s on my watchlist.

Woah, okay. I looked up her role in Watchmen to remind myself, and that took me on a trip. She’s nearly my age (she’s 44), but it seems she can play practically any age.

Also had a short scene in Asteroid City, apparently? I don’t remember it.

One of these days I’m actually going to make it through French Dispatch and/or Asteroid City. If Asteroid City has cute little Hong Chau buttoned up in a trench coat with her hair done up in the fashion of a 50s housewife, it’ll probably be Asteroid City.

Just be warned it’s a very brief appearance.

Yeah, those two.

I feel like I don’t care about Wes Anderson movies anymore.