Qt3 Movie Podcast: Tower Heist

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Tower Heist
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When November 7, 2011

This week's 3x3 is our discussion of characters cutting their hair, or shaving, or growing their hair out, or growing beards or mustaches, or that sort of thing. Hair transitions, if you will. Hair shifts. We talk about our favorite instances of that..

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3x3 discussion begins at about the 38-minute mark. 38:30 if you want to get exact.

Sounds like Leverage without the competence porn and the competent writers.

Also, I totally expected Tom to troll Kelly with an A-Team entry for the 3x3.

I too had an audience member blurt out "it's in the car" loudly enough that the whole theater heard. That audience member got more laughs than the entire movie.

I felt bad for having given money to the people behind this movie. I literally felt bad! Good podcast though... do the ends justify the means in this case? It's a tough call to make.

That audience member was Ratner.

Kelly, if you were going to bring up Kingpin in the 3x3, you should have gone with the evolution of Bill Murray's combover in the final tournament sequence.

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Watching this movie gave me an idea for a body switch movie. Me and Hellen Keller.

Man that's such a weird shot from the movie. I remember as that scene developed wondering what the hell Ben's character thought he was doing, suddenly acting like an action hero out of nowhere. The taser line was slightly amusing, though.

I don't remember that scene at all. He ran? From what to when? It's like my brain was refusing to remember anything it was seeing or hearing even while it was happening. It lacked the energy to feel affronted.

I'm still not convinced this movie's a comedy. That would imply a tone.

Yeah, that shot is misleading. It looks like it would come from a movie that has an action scene in it.

The in this instance aptly named Stiller.