Qt3 Movie Podcast: Unlocked

After Prometheus, Noomi Rapace’s “save the world” track record took a real hit. Let’s see how she fares now that Unlocked has come out.
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Why did the big boys make Tom record this in a cupboard?

Correct me if I’m wrong, since I usually only listen to the podcast for the 3 movies I see a year in the theater, but this podcast was really different. You guys were really brisk, you go straight to the tag line, then quickly to the Dingus summary, to the Tom reception summary for the movie. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. Usually you dilly dally a lot in between the different segments. You finally get off the rails after Tom’s reception summary though, and start talking about Stephen King’s It and other stuff. But I really liked that you guys stayed on point and briskly got through those other segments. More of this please!

Shoot, is that how it comes across? I finally replaced my dying headset and was hoping it would sound like an upgrade. I guess I need to fiddle with it more.


Yeah, your sound is worse now, Tom.

There was a whole NFL Europe at one point.

@ChristienMurawski Dingus, I don’t know why you say that the NFL games at Wembley have been a disaster - all but one of the games over ten years have been sold out.


Please confirm that the Black Sunday movie that is Kelly’s and Dingus’ over is from 1977.

John Malkovitch was really good in The Killing Fields.

As a conservative, my take on this movie is thank you for making sure I don’t watch it.

If I had listened to last week’s podcast (which I didn’t because I plan to see Wind River) I would have brought up the last scene in Pleasant Days directed by Kornél Mundruczó (2002) for this week’s 3x3

Jodorowsky is not Polish! He had Jewish-Ukrainian parents but was born in Chile and then moved to France. There is nothing Polish about him, @tomchick and @ChristienMurawski

I agree with @Kelly_Wand

I don’t think it’s a good idea for the league in general, and for the teams who have to do that travel specifically. They might be well attended, but selling out a couple of games a year at Wembley doesn’t provide enough return to offset the expense of travel time and scheduling for the teams who have to make the trip. I simply don’t see the upside, but perhaps there is a bunch of TV revenue overseas that I’m not taking into account. I will admit this opinion comes largely from listening to podcasts about sports and a few articles I’ve read, so I will allow that I could be way off.

His name sounds Polish to Tom, so I forgot the actual facts in the moment when I shifted to making a point about myself, as is my wont. My bad.


“Mmm. Born a bloodhound.”

It sounded like Tom had a fan on in the background because that was the same sound on the stream last night. There was also more moments where it sounded like someone lost a connection.

Dingus, I like that you got in a Lethal Weapon reference. And yes, the Jodorowsky stuff was from the Mini Pini on the 50 Shades podcast.

That was the sound of Tom losing the connection between Jodorowsky and Czechoslovakia.

Name a Jodorosky movie I’ve seen. I bet you can’t do it.


And I love that you caught it, Chris!

Thank you. I couldn’t recall the main movie, and would never have guessed it was that one.


“All guardians down. VIP is missing. Clean work. This was contracted.”

Yes. The one directed by John Frankenheimer.


Just here to say I am really looking forward to the Mother! podcast. It’s a movie I can’t wait to hear more people talk about—love it, hate it, or anywhere in between. No one around here has seen it yet.