Qt3 Movie Podcast: Winter's Bone

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Winter's Bone
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts, Movie reviews
When August 9, 2010

Winter's Bone, a country noir set in the Ozarks, is quite a revelation. You should see it and then listen to our podcast about it..

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It’s so weird to see these posts showing back up due to the Front Page Migration Project of 2016. It’s so great to be reminded of Winter’s Bone, to remember the first time I saw that movie. I remember the big sign for the movie outside the movie theater in West Los Angeles. I remember getting there early and walking down the street to a Barnes and Noble to get a coffee. I remember being so totally blown away by this movie and driving back home and chattering excitedly to the babysitter once I got there, who probably thought I was crazy.

And I remember that lava 3x3. Ugh.


“I said shut up once already, with my mouth.”