Qt3 Movie Podcast: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: X-Men: Days of Future Past
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When May 26, 2014

The X-Men cross oceans of time in X-Men: Days of Future Past. If you want to skip spoilers, join us for this week's 3x3 at the 1:01 mark, at which point we discuss gas masks in movies..

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My son can see someone get impaled by an alien spear (avengers) but god forbid he sees a trailer where people talk about fucking. Can you be even more cliche american. And are you really completely oblivious to how utterly fucked up and creepy that is? Is he allowed to see breasts without duct tape on the nipples in a movie or is that inappropriate for his age?

Tom you forgot to mention in the start that if you click on the Top Critics button on Rotten Tomatoes you get 98% (!) for DoFP .

I'm always curious about this walking out business, I can't remember last time I saw anyone walk out on anything I've gone too.

What I like about this comment is that without any smidgen of conscious help my brain read your second sentence in Kelly Wand's Bai Ling voice. Thank you for that.

Much of the time the theme of the movie in the trailer is somehow related to the movie I'm watching, since the folks in marketing are chasing the dollars that are already in the seats of the movie theater and they figure an audience for sci-fi is going to be interested in more sci-fi. I find it interesting when the trailers deviate from that, even as a person who almost never watches trailers. As for sexual content, I find it weird that a movie that is clearly going to have a huge younger audience thrusts out a trailer about a married couple spicing up their marriage by making a sex tape and the hilarity that ensues.

Nevertheless, fratboyalphakappafive, your point is well taken. The squeamishness about exposing children to sex on screen while allowing them to experience violence is very cliche American. I agree with you that shows a blind-spot in my parenting, as well as a brand of hypocrisy in my criticism of the MPAA rating system, which allows for knives and stabbing weapons galore but polices sexuality down to counting the number of "fucks" in every movie. You make a good point.

Thanks for the comment.

Clearly you're not going to the right movies.

Did you automatically append 'WHITE MAN!' to the end of the sentence in your mind? ;)

I Heart Huckabees is legitimately one of my favorite movies, and it makes me sad to listen to Tom's comments about it :<

Christien's son saying "I hate this so much" = me, at any superhero movie anymore.

About half the theater walked out over time when I saw George Clooney's version of Solaris. There were some people who walked out of Beasts of the Southern Wild as well.

No. In Kellywand, WHITEMAN appends to you.

Exactly half walked out during Tree of Life once the cosmos showed up.

I usually see it in foreign movies....I watched 'Gloria' a few weeks ago at an art theater, and a couple of groups walked out in the first twenty minutes.

I agree! It's like Wes Anderson without the twee.

I wanted to walk out of both Hobbit films but each time would have left me stranded since my ride was still sitting in there.

I was so sure that my #1 was going to be scooped. I'm so surprised.

As far as X-men, saw it this weekend. Not too happy about how the "Timeline" resolves, but to say more would be spoilery. I can see your son's point, Dingus.

I haven't laughed so hard during a Movies podcast (since the Prometheopsis) as when Tom responded to Kelly's pun with "Ho ho ho hooo.."

Personally, I prefer Tom's earlier, funnier noises of disdain.

But it is so great how the first Ho is spontaneous, and then as the Hos emerge they gradually take on subtle tones of skepticism, wariness, true enjoyment, and where-will-I-go-with-this-ness. It is the greatest series of Hos I have heard.

You've obviously never been to Vegas.