Qt3 Multiplayer Gaming Tournament #1 - Rise of Nations

What a great idea, Otagan! I am in! Where’s @Jason_McMaster?


Don’t forget to join us in Discord. It might be helpful to set up games. https://discord.gg/P3fCr

Okay, I joined Discord and I see, uh…a thread of messages. What is it doing that we can’t do here?


The big benefit at this time is voicechat for when we start the games.

It might be helpful during the game or setting up the game.

I’m tentatively planning to use it as a place to store replays and record tournament results (aside from the voice chat and game organizing uses previously mentioned), but I’m also considering just using an email inbox and having players report results and email replays directly to me. Then I could fill in the bracket manually and make sure the rounds are timed properly. I’ll have more time to sort that out tonight.

Also make sure to sign up on the bracket at http://challonge.com/Qt3MG1

I’m in

Initiate Rocky training montage.

Alright, I revised the rules so I will personally handle updating the bracket. The winner of each match is to simply email the results (who won) and a copy of the replay to the purpose-specific email in the first post (also listed on the tournament page).

Just over 24 hours left to sign-up in case anyone else is interested. With 8 players, the system guarantees 3 matches to be played before a conclusive “winner” is determined, but I’ve tried to mandate a minimum of 4 games regardless.

If anyone expresses interest here and doesn’t personally sign up on Challonge, I’ll add them by hand. As far as I’m aware, that just means there won’t be automatic notifications sent out for each round.

Signed up. Can I request not to play against @Sharpe? Dude’s a frickin’ machine. We don’t stand a chance.


Crap, he’s who I am facing first. I haven’t played RoN since whenever it fist came out. I guess I can get a little practice in before he destroys me. My only goal in most MP games is to try and provide a little more of a challenge than the AI.

This sounds great! With one game per week and including weekends, I should be able to find enough time each week and be flexible enough to get time to do this. Rise of Nations is probably my favorite also although I haven’t played in ages and was never great at it.

I can’t promise I will give great competition, but I can fit the low-impact, low-stress part and will enjoy it for sure.

I will try to sort out all the sign-ups today.

The first round bracket will actually randomize when I hit the button to start the tournament, so don’t worry about that. Yet.

Signed up and registered!

Signed up and registered. I don’t see @tomchick on there so I’m sure he’s lying and cheating so ban him plz kthx.

Just played a game against the computer – first time firing up the game in well over ten years. Turns out I’m real bad!

I think I am in the same boat. Hopefully the next game will be something I have more experience with.

I’ll just manually add @tomchick to the bracket unless he does it himself before I initialize the bracket in about ten minutes. That’ll give us 10 people and avoid any byes.

All right, we are live. Seeds were randomly shuffled one time, and if Tom wants to PM me his preferred email address, I can arrange an invite which will swap his placeholder name entry with a proper entry.

Get in touch with your matched opponent to schedule whenever is convenient, and make sure to report your results to the email inbox once you’re done. I’ll hold back on entering one set of results to make sure the bracket doesn’t cycle to the next round until after a full week has passed.

I always thought it was a buy, not a bye. You live and learn.

Thanks @Otagan! Will do.