Qt3 Needs a Little Eyeball Logo

…so my bookmarks toolbar link looks good. Come on! The goofy tabletop forums I go to have their little bitty logo for bookmarks, and we’ve gotta be WAY more tech savvy than them!

You can make one:

Makes a little ico file that you could actually set locally, or convince Tom or Chet to upload into the main html directory.

Neat site. That was easy.

I have wanted this for a bit

I noticed Fidgit doesn’t have one either.

Why the favicon hate, Tom?!

Make it a smiley!!

So how do you go about using the icon in your bookmarks?

Right click on the bookmark, properties, then browse for the icon. If you don’t have that option, pick up the Add-on:
Favicon Picker 2

Done correctly you should get something like this, with customizable icons (or ones added automatically by a site.)

Poo, that doesn’t work in FF3.

Thanks. I dunno why I couldn’t find that extension.

Nice! This certainly makes my Bookmarks list look much better. QT3 was the only one without a little icon next to it.

I don’t have Qt3 bookmarked - it’s on speeddial - but I think this is something Tom should do. Makes it easier to distinguish tabs.

Lets start a petition! Those always work!

I noticed the lack of a favicon too. Firefox sucks at favicons, though, and will label a site with a wrong icon sometimes, for a reason I can’t decipher. My facebook bookmark copied the favicon from last.fm, and my qt3 bookmark has the icon from the eight-months-defunct oink.me.uk. I’m too sentimental to change it. And this computer is only a couple months old; Firefox actually carried the errors over from my desktop when I imported its bookmarks.

I couldn’t resist.

Hah. I just noticed. Good job.

I’m a slightly better nuclear physicist than graphic artist, so if someone wants to improve on it, please do.

Not a graphic artist or even a nuclear physicist, but I did take a quick stab at adding an alpha channel.

You can go here to convert that png to an ico if you want:

Oh wow yeah that’s much better.

Dammit, now my oink icon is gone forever.