QT3 nerd art, ummm, need more letters....


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Chun Li sketch I did this evening.


Rogue sketch…kinda missed on this one, but though I’d post it.


I am so jealous. People with artistic talent amaze me. I work with students who are amazingly capable, and it humbles me all the time. I can barely draw a straight line.


For what it is, i think i like that sketch the best so far @merryprankster!

@spiffy that’s freakin amazing stuff there. I think we children of the 80s always wondered how such incompetent bad guys (in all media properties from the era) were always such a threat ;).


Thanks Enidigm (and everyone, I forgot to write). To be fair, the GIJoe team in the cartoon were equally bad shots, it’s just that Cobra fails the morale check dice throw every time. Mysteriously, their bad aim corrects itself when targetting robots and moving vehicles…


Because I’m still working my way through the IDW omnibus, more nerdy Hasbro fanfare…


Mechanicus trooper from Warhammer 40K.


Nice work @merryprankster !!!


Necromancer sketch.



Boy I wish I had some real artistic talent like you. Here’s my version of your last image.


Draw me like one of your French girls!


These look great @merryprankster. I particularly like your textures and shading on that bottom one.

Are these pencil sketches scanned in?


Jeff, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen for a long time. Thanks for the laugh. If it’s any consolation, I think you captured her mood perfectly.



I hope @merryprankster enjoys it too. I want to see more of his stuff.


Here is my latest.


You suck! (referring to your hi-rez version)


Thanks for the kind words folks!

Looks terrific @jpinard. Always great to see others approch to the same subject. My only critique is that her legs were actually crossed in the original pose, which I don’t think really comes through in your rendition.

@ydejin The top two are pencil work on 9 x12 (portrait is from a photo and the dude is just from my head). The bottom is charcoal from a live model on 18 x24 (I think). All of them are just photos I took with my ipad and then uploaded.


Kept tweaking/refining this over the weekend. I think I’m not capable of improving it more until I get better at art so I think here it sits. It was a fun weekend. I haven’t done a huge amount of formal drawing or charcoal work since college and as I am ramping back into it I am remember how much I love doing this stuff.