QT3 NFL 25k Tournament

Starting next week QT3 NFL Tournament will begin.
If you’re interested let me know your email address and xbox live tag.
I will post rules later this week.
If there are any specific rules you want to see let me know.

1 player must use same team throughout competition
2 players must all select unique teams


A. I will see if I can find something

B. We can all throw in 5 dollars (which means I can go ahead and give my money to someone who can actually play football) and winner can buy Madden.

C. Or we can just play for Honor and Glory …and umm… beer.


I am in. Email is in my profile and I claimed the Redskins in the other thread. I say we just do it for bragging rights.

– Xaroc

Edit: My XBL name is Xaroc.

I’m in.

Anyone called the Cowboys yet?

email is garland.d.murphy AT pepperdine.edu

Gamertag is Lando IV

I’m in for glory and honor. My tag is fuzzyslug (big surprise). My email is in my profile.

I take the Ravens.

For Honor and Glory! (Said in my best Charlton Heston impression)

I claim the Titans.

Once I get the teams,tag names and emails I will randomly pull names out of a hat and set up the matches.

Does anyone know if the game is actually out today? I know it ships, but I wanted to pick it up today.

I’m in – I’ll call the Dolphins and pray they’ve given Feeley some good stats. :)

Edit: Xbox Gamertag = slu66o.

I call Packers (a pox on you McMaster) and my tag is HubBub
email is [email protected]

Email: [email protected]
Gamertag: Galaron
Team: Saints

email: [email protected]
gamertag: wzrd
Team: Colts

I shall own thee!

I should be able to play by then, so count me in:

Gamertag: Greyjack
email: [email protected]
Team: Lions ('cause I’m a masochist).

I s’pose I should go buy it now, huh :)

Gamertag: Rorschach Six
Email: rorschach AT rorschach DOT net
Team: Chiefs

Team: Eagles
Gamertag: Schmidt
Email: [email protected]

Team: Giants
GamerTag: Balut
Email: [email protected]

take a look at this I’m setting a tournament here.


Be sure to sign up by Friday night. I’ll set up everything for the next week
Once all the entries are recieved I will send out an email verifying addresses and gametags.

Isn’t there a way to do tourneys via XBL?

– Xaroc

Supposedly, ESPN NFL 2K5 lets you set up your own online leagues and tourneys. I haven’t picked up the game yet, tho, so I can’t say if this actually works or not.

If it does I would vote we use the internal tools. Easier to integrate, no need to sign up for anything new, etc.

– Xaroc

I agree. I will leave the account alone for now.

Team: Raiders
Gamertag: Gmicek (I’ll need to re-register, should be the same though)
Email: [email protected]

I’m calling Packers again, just to be snotty to that upstart McMaster.