QT3 NFL 25k Tournament

Ha. I first noticed the 25k and I thought that was the prize. If 25k is the prize then count me in!


That’s the entry fee. Pay up!

If you’re not on the list let me know.
Bub, Andrew
Jim Peterson
Andrew Myers
Wholly Schmidt

Has anyone messed with xbox live to see if you can setup a tournament?

No, but I did refuse to answer Jamie Kennedy’s phone call. 10 out of 10 in my book.

nfl 25k? does it feature post-apocalyptic, solar-powered humanoid robots eternally and mindlessly running the same plays and the same games over the ashes of our modern world and the irradiated bones of the long dead?

No, but thanks for playing. Work on your timing.

I spent a few minutes with it – it looks pretty straightforward. You can pick 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 teams, adjust a bunch of settings, and make it private. Not sure if it’s single-elim or whatnot, tho. There’s also a League option, which I didn’t check out.

There was some downtime earlier, but once that was cleared up, the online play was really smooth. Should make for a fun tourney. :)

Yeah, I just ran home with it, re-created my Live account, and realized how long since I play a football game. If I’m not going to be humiliated I really need to work on my running game… and my passing game… ugh.

Yeah, there appeared to be some pretty cool online options in there, tourney, season, and so on. Who’s gonna organize it and such? Can I not play against Bub, because that bleeding green and yellow comment put the fear of god into me, hehe.

Man, Andrew put a hurt on me. Ok, I call the Titans and my tag is HurkyMcMaster

I can be the commission of an Qt3 league if you guys want. I have a retail box on my desk at work, so I can play pretty much and time of day or night for any commish stuff – if needed I guess. I know people here are busy, but I’d like to try out the league feature (even though it is a huge waste of dev and QA time for a feature used by less than 5% of your audience :twisted: ). We wouldn’t have to play multiple seasons, and we could set it to less than 5 minute games if everyone agrees.

Shieldwolf could do this too, as he seems to be on top of things. I just think a league would be more interesting than a single elimination tournmanet.

I want a league for exactly the reason that Jim brought up. I think it would be much more interesting.

Let the games begin.

Sounds like fun, after tonight I’m gone for the weekend though, I’ll be back sometime Monday night.

Oooh, a league would sound cool. Okay, anyone have any trade offers for Strahan or Kurt Warner? :P

Man. I really want the Packers.

However, I’ve decided to not argue it any further based on the fact that I’m younger than Bub and haven’t been a fan as long. Age before beauty. BURN

oh, also:

Jason McMaster
gamertag: HurkyMcMaster
email:jason at levitateme dot com
team: Titans

edit: durr I forgot to add my team.

What’s this? Does that mean that Madden will bring back the league feature from (many) seasons past?! :)

So, when does the shit talk begin?

I am not on that list.

xaroc at xaroc dot com

What difficulty are we playing on? I would probably push for All-Pro because otherwise we are going to end up with any decent running back getting 200 yards a game.

Also, I would go for either a league or a tourney, doesn’t matter to me.

– Xaroc

You’re so totally dead. You’re going to be eating my danger and asking for seconds.

I’d definitely like something more than a single-elimination tournament, but I’m not sure I could commit to a full 16-game season. Maybe there’s a way to set up an abbreviated league where 12-16 teams play a 3-6 game schedule and then go into a playoff tourney?