QT3 NJ/NYC meet up?

Hi all, I’m likely to be in Hoboken for work the week of 27th February and would love to break up the monotony of the hotel room for at least one evening.

Are there any QT3 folk in the area that would be interested in hanging out one evening that week? Details of my trip are still being worked out but I’ll likely be travelling on the Monday and going home on the Friday so maybe Thursday 2nd March? I’m happy to come into NYC if that’s the best place for everyone.

Let me know!

I’m a lousy tour guide these days, as a parent of teens who lives in a boring NJ suburb outside of Manhattan, but if time permits, I’d be happy to grab dinner or a drink that Thursday. If there’s something in the city you were interested in checking out, let me know.

Otherwise, I could swing down by Hoboken. Let’s see if any other locals chime in and we can figure it out that week.

Sounds great! My brother lives in NY so I know the city pretty well in terms of tourism (no pressure there!) but it would be great to hang out!

Looking forward to it and will keep updating when my travel plans get firmed up!

Next week is getting a bit booked up for me, but update your schedule as it develops, and we’ll see how things play out. I also wanted to bump this thread in case there were other NY-area Qt3’ers who missed it originally and want to jump in. :)

Yeah, keep us informed. We have some hospital stuff but I’d love to meet up if it works.

Hi all, sorry! Been a tad flat out with work this week and last.

So, I fly in on Monday and fly back out on Friday. Unfortunately, I now have events every evening except for Monday… Unless anyone fancies something on Monday night, it’s looking a bit tricky.

I’m really sorry everyone. There will definitely be more trips in the future though. I am so sorry to be flakey…

LOL, no worries. I was practically about to flake out myself. :)

Hope you have a good trip.

When @Chappers gets back to the States, (and it starts to warm up) maybe we can arrange another NYC beer & wings evening.