QT3 Planetside on Emerald

Ok, I’m going to make a TR character on Emerald… what are the nicks of the other QT3 folks there so we can hook up again?

I intend to grab Xemu again…


I know I’m forgetting some folks.

I’m on Emerald as BClem (oddly enough, that was taken on Johari, so I had to go to HalitosisInvasion).

I’m not sure whether you mean “It’s odd that BClem was taken” or “It’s odd that my next choice was HalitosisInvasion,” but either way, I agree with you.

Does this mean Johari Qt3 is dead? I can’t play TR on emerald without killing my BR 15.9/CR1 Vanu, which I’m loathe to do.

Only a handful of people have switched to Emerald. You’re probably just as likely to find QT3 squadmates on Johari as Emerald, unless all the folks who didn’t move over have quit or something.

Me personally, I’m not going back to Johari unless it’s consistently running 3-4 blue dots, the way Emerald does. But that’s just me. I wish the devs would let us migrate characters, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards, and Johari’s pop is just too low to sustain the game (or at least, too low to sustain it the way I like to play it). Too bad.

I have a char on Emerald, TR. Balut. Dunno how often I can play until I fix some overheat problems with my comp, though.

Both :lol:. Actually, the HalitosisInvasion is a gift of the Gamespy Naminator. I usually play CS with it, but when BClem was taken on Johari, I had to go with it.

Lyx is on Emerald too. I will definitely play on Johari again once the populations come back up, which I’m convinced they will because in my opinion the everquest game play model is dead, dead, dead, as evidenced in this fine thread:


I like Blue Robbo better because of the enforcer. The enf has the same top speed of the maurader, but the turn radius is so much shorter for the enforcer, and you grab more air with it as well (I experimented this afternoon on the test server). Also, the enf rocket launcher is a much better weapon than the maurader grenade launcher. Its all about the accuracy.

I went and setup Red XPav on Emerland. I couldn’t stand playing HottieBabe. I wasn’t getting propositioned far too often.

I hate being BR3 again.

I have a Snarglebargle on most of the servers, including TR on Emerald.


I agree that it’s damn frustrating that there is such a low pop on Johari. Or on Konreid. Or on any server but Emerald (or Werner at certain times, but who the hell wants to play on a laggy Euro-server?). I’m afraid PS may be dying on the vine–I mean, wasn’t it just recently we were bitching about too many players and lag?

You guys should have created Vanu on Emerald though :P

bah, looks like I will have to ditch johari if I want to find a squad :/

I’m not sure whether this means you left because you were getting propositioned too much for your taste, or not enough for your taste. Either way, it makes me feel a little creepy. :)

I hate being BR3 again.

And how. I’m still BR5 after weeks of play, because I keep ending up in these tower actions or losing base-defense actions, which are essentially no XP. I need to find a TR wavefront that is sweeping a continent and shoot up some BRs!

I just made a TR character on Emerald. Name is Ragg.

Well, we’ll have to kill you then.

We’re Vanu now, after all.