QT3 PlanetSide outfit: Time to choose a logo

Hey all. Great job on PS this weekend–the Saturday patch totally fixed the game for me, and apparently everybody else. I was part of some awesome battles this weekend.

Our outfit, QT3, passed the 10,000-point mark today. That means we are eligible to choose a logo for the outfit. I am not sure what the current status is on logos. I know they are supposed to appear on our vehicles and armor. I believe they are currently broken and appear on vehicles only, except that the outfit leader can see it on armor as well.

My brother Greg (“Grisha”) somehow stole the outfit leadership from me (he claims I must have accidentally given it to him, but I remain convinced that he somehow stole it while I slept), so he is the one who has to actually pick the logo. I was wondering if folks wanted to set a time to go look at logos and vote on them. I don’t know of any websites that have the logos posted (if anyone does, that would be great)…I know many outfits pick them by holding a “slide show” where someone buys a big vehicle (like a sunderer or galaxy), everyone gathers around, and the outfit leader chooses the logos in succession so people can see them all (apparently you can change your logo choice at any time). Anyone interested in doing that? I could do it tomorrow night or Tuesday night.

I’m not actually a part of the outfit (althought I’m trying to find you guys online!), but it seems to me the only logo to choose from is bloody eyed Joe, or whatever Mark Asher calls him. It’s either that or a Wumpus, and no one wants that.

I think the logos are preset, meaning we’ll have to cycle through and choose from what is available.

On another outfit note, how about everyone make an alternate char that starts as a reaver pilot. Then, for a change of pace, we can form a reaver squadron and go on combat air patrols. 6 or 7 reavers together can be pretty scary for the grunts.

Also, I missed Fri and Sat, how big did our squads get? Did we have more than one?

Rob’s right re: the logos. You don’t get to design your own. Greg tells me there are quite a few to choose from, though.

We never had two squads going while I was on, although a couple of times I was in squads that were full or nearly full (but not all QT3’ers).

So is this game really that good? What’s the real selling point.

Is there a place where we can see the logos to choose from? I’m at our outfit page now and there’s just a graphic that says “10,000 outfit points required to select your outfit decal.” Which of course we have.

That’s what I’m saying, Jason–AFAIK there’s no place to go review the logos. My understanding is that our best bet is to all gather in-game, buy a big vehicle (e.g., Galaxy), and have Greg select various logos in succession so we can see them on the side of the Gal. But we’d need to set a time to do that.

I like it a lot. The selling point for me is “Imagine BF1942, but with huge battles (I’ve seen what I estimate to be 100 per side), fast servers, no cheating, and it’s really easy to hook up with your friends anytime they’re online.” Good stuff. Few gaming experiences are as fun as loading up in a Galaxy (airborne troop transport) with nine of your friends, overflying a hostile base, and then paradropping in on the roof…or joining a ton of people trying to storm a base, everyone advancing tree-to-tree or rock-to-rock while defenders man the walls and try to repel you…

I received my beta discs and then blatantly didn’t load them. I blame Shadowbane, which I still love and play, for my lack of care. Think I’ll get it and try it out. Can I join your leeto squad?

Of course. Everyone from QT3 and GG is welcome to join us. Just send a /tell to any of the QT3 outfit members when you see us online:


(apologies if I forgot anybody)

Remember: to play with us, you need to play on the Johari server and you need to fight for the New Conglomerate.

Since I am in the outfit, I can guarantee you the squad is not elite :D If they still invite me in, anyone can join and play.

So is this game really that good? What’s the real selling point.

Rywill has the ticket on why this game is fun to play. Unlike a BF1942, you literally have to move convoy style from battle to battle. There is a decent about of strategy that occurs among the squads attcking a base. You see people guarding the command center while a hack timer runs. There doesn’t appear to be any TKer’s in the game (no matter how high my grief points get, it’s not on purpose, I am just a bad shot and driver).


How are the lag times? I only have an ISDN so I am always hesitant to buy these kinds of games.

I can’t speak for how it is with ISDN, since I have cable. But relative to other MMO games, it’s fantastic. It can get a bit choppy with huge armies of players on the screen, but it never gets unplayable, and gameplay is often amazingly smooth even with hundreds of people duking it out in close proximity. Those kinds of crowds turn games like DAoC and AC2 into slideshows on my connection; the PlanetSide net code is pretty damn impressive.

I believe wumpus used to say that planetside was impossible due to the net code never being robust enough, and that the whole thing would be a disaster. Wrong again wumpy.

We had 12 or so people playing on a single cable modem this weekend, so ISDN should be fine.

To give due credit to wumpus, I would have agreed with him before playing PlanetSide. None of the other MMORPGs out there come close to this level of net performance.

Is there a way to try before I buy?

Yeah, but only if you know someone that owns the game. The game CD comes with a special trial serial number, so people can give their disc to a friend and let them give the game a whirl for seven days.

To give due credit to wumpus, I would have agreed with him before playing PlanetSide. None of the other MMORPGs out there come close to this level of net performance.[/quote]

I couldn’t agree more. I just left one of the hugest battles I’ve ever seen–ENORMOUS number of NC trying to hold a base with an ENORMOUS number of VS trying to take it. Turrets set up everywhere, motion sensors, air attacks, tons and tons and tons of soldiers covering the forested ground in between, and inside the facilities. There were some lag spikes, but they were rare. Amazing that they can get all this to work so well.

When are the platoons going to roll out? Qt3’s major problem is we’re usually just one squad of 4-8 people. When the platoons are enabled, maybe we’ll be able to grab some randoms and play with 2 squads, which should be much more effective at taking bases. The last 2 nights I’ve spent a lot of time getting thrown off continents. All I can think is those Vanu/TR are sure picking up a lot of xp while I’m just eating chaingun bullets and getting 15xp a pop if I can get the guy.