Qt3 Planetside outfit -- When?

Okay, when’s the next time you guys are going to be on Johari?

I’d like to hook up with everyone, in a non-gay way, even though my avatar is a hot Asian chick with a fetching scar under her right eye.


I logged on about 6PST and didn’t see anyone, but that’s probably a good thing… pretty noobish and still need to do training. Made a char named cip (apparently there’s something innately offensive in anything begining with cipa, and it’s not allowed :x ).

I’ll probably be on sometime after 10PM CST. I’m LinoleumCP.

They just brought the servers down for an update. Too bad, because we were in a tremendous firefight, trying to hold our beachhead against the VS. Lots of action, for a change. :)

The servers should be back up soon, though.

They just took johari down. Before that, Qt3 was in a terrific battle, certainly the best one I’ve been in since beta. It took us tooling around 2 hours mopping up continents before we went to amerish, which was 95% vanu. We got one base, not to much fighting, and then held off a few counter attacks, nothing horrendous, maybe one galaxy drop was challenging.

Then we went to Xemu tower…

Oh yeah baby, the Vanu through EVERYTHING at us. As these things happen, we lost our original base and before we knew it we were trapped in the tower. There isn’t a calculator in the world that could count the bullet holes (that’s hyperbole). We made a few attacks on xemu, but lets be serious, we were doomed. Eventually, we lost the tower, just before they shut down johari.

Lets be honest, I was happy we were doomed. Finally we had some real bad ass combat. My jackhammer was just tearing up the inf, and I think I scored a max or two (well, maybe just one). Qt3 lost the battle, but we won the war against downtime tonight.

Johari is up again.

Damn, stories like this make me jealous… I’m on dialup and there’s no possible way I can play this game… is there? man IT SUCKS!


Man, I haven’t had the same downtime problems other folks have. I was in a crappy squad a couple of nights ago that kept showing up to bases after the fighting was over, but in general my experience has been that it takes about 15-20 minutes to get a squad organized and transported to a battle, but from then on there’s usually a decent amount of fighting–you just load up into your vehicles (Galaxy, preferably) and head to wherever the explosion icons are blooming. Sure, sometimes there’s downtime (especially when it’s your turn to hold the hack so your squad gets the XP), but overall I find I spend a lot more time fighting than not.

Chasing explosion icons can lead to quite a bit of downtime. Often we arrive and the fighting is already over. I know in theory it should be easy to find some action, but the reality is that the really good action requires about 50 to 100 guys on each side, and that has been a rarity this week. Last night was fun though.

Leaving one person for the hack is absolutely necessary for enjoying this game.

Ok, I just got my copy from Sony. What server are you guys playing on (Johari?) and what faction are you guys? I’ll probably survive longer if I can cling to Tom Chick’s hot asian chick’s apron strings.

I’ll be on most of the day today, and probably tonight as well. What’s your character name, Tom?

‘cipa’ is Polish for pussy.

I’m actually playing on 56k at the moment as I’m still waiting for my DSL to be hooked up after a move. It isn’t ideal, but it is pretty playable. I’m at a disadvantage in infantry combat, so I’ve been concentrating on anti-vehicle, which is quite a bit of fun.

We are playing on Johari as the New Conglomerate. We already have a QT3 outfit going (named, appropriately, QT3). Last I checked we had about 25 members, roughly half from QT3 and half people that we picked up in the game. There’s almost always been a QT3 (or majority-QT3) squad playing when I’ve signed on (although I have a normal-hours job, so I sign on nights and weekends–I hear days can be more scarce).

Send a /tell to any of the QT3 members if you see us on, and we’ll invite you to our squad and/or the outfit, whatever your preference:

Grisha (Greg Williams)
Ben (Ben Sones)
Jason (Jason Cross)

(I know there are others I’ve forgotten–feel free to add yourself to the list)

Do you need 512 megs of ram to play this game ?

It’s not required, but it sure helps.

Because I could get a review copy, but I am not sure if it will even run.

AMD 1.2 ghz
Geforce 4 Ti 4600
256 Megs of Ram
Soundblaster Live
50 gig hard drive

I don’t get paid to write unlike most people here, so I can’t get a good PC :(

So will it run or not ? I need a good FPS, since I haven’t played one in a long long time, and the Breed Demo is giving me a headache.

I was looking for you guys the other night. My name is Victory.

Will try and find you tonight.

Thanks for the info, Rywill. I have joined that server and that faction. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone during my lunch hour. I will try again tonight.

BTW, what’s the easiest way to find people on Planetside? I couldn’t find a list of Outfits or if so-and-so is online. Also, I tried to do a broadcast chat, and couldn’t figure it out…and yes, wumpus, I did RTFM.

Anywho, my name online is Sanjuro and I’ll try to hop on after work tonight.

Thanks again.