Qt3 Podcast: down with the sickness

Title Qt3 Podcast: down with the sickness
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When May 9, 2012

This week, we welcome Dan Archibald, the guy responsible for the wonderfully creepy iPhone game, Pandemic 2.5. Look out, Kate Winslet! Dan talks about the game's evolution, viral spread, and prognosis..

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Wow that went up quickly! I find it amusing that right after we finish talking about how difficult it is to get onto the mainstream sites, a website like CNET reviews Pandemic 2.5: http://download.cnet.com/Pande...

Thanks for having me on the Podcast!

News, like deadly viruses, spreads fast!


you sold me 2 games on this podcast! *shakes fist* I guess I can live without that $11.

Tom, I am disappointed that you didn't have a third news item - Company of Heroes 2, man! Play some CoH this weekend with the Semi-Geriatrics and sneak the news in next week.
Also, let's get an Android port, Dan.

I mentioned it briefly! I love those games

Ha! I never expected that Doom That Came... would be the Kickstarter that got you, Tom! Note that the pewter figures can now be obtained for only $75! (But not the t-shirt.)

Thanks for supporting Doom!

I think you should try Heroes of Might and Magic on the highest difficulties Tom. I don't know about the last few, but heroes 3 was never a foregone conclusion on impossible.

How much for pewtrid figures?

Great podcast. Really starting to love pandemic. It has a nutty addictive quality to it. And it makes me tense sitting there watching the numbers. I'm trying to master one disease class at a time. Started with virus. Had a really tough time in the beginning playing multiple games without being able to wipe the entire planet.

But this last game I finished playing everything fell into place perfectly.

So satisfying.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Mcmaster! His game is my game too.

Man, whenever I go out, the kids always shout at me