Qt3 Podcast: Paranormal Activity

The idea is to eventually do podcasting about games and maybe even P&R (shudder). The idea is that this will be stuff by this small community and for this small community. So to get the ball rolling, XtienMurawski, Kelly Wand, and I will be doing a weekly movie podcast.

Our first outing is a bit bumpy. The voice levels got somehow knocked off-kilter half-way through, so I sound even more overbearing than usual. But it’s not like those other guys say much worth hearing anyway.

Go here to listen using the front page’s player while admiring a lovely Google ad. Or go here to stream or grab the MP3 directly. We’re currently in the iTunes submission queue, so that should be an option soon enough, assuming they don’t object to Kelly’s innate weirdness. You can never be sure what effect she’s going to have on people in positions of authority.


Thanks for the spoiler heads up. I’ll check out the rest of it after I see Paranormal Activity. Enjoyed the first three minutes though!

Same here. I’ll have to come back to this once I can catch the film.

I totally thought Kelly Wand was a chick.

Hold on now, just hold on. So who is this Cindy Yans I grew up reading in Computer Games Magazine?!

No, you’re thinking of Tom.

That’s part of the fun.

I just finished listening to this. I don’t listen to too many podcasts, but this one is fantastic. Tons of laughs, and great observations on the film.

“I studied theology, not the occult.”

Yeah, really good guys. It drew my wife in from the other room and she ended up listening to the whole thing with me. Several laugh out loud moments. Cant wait to see ones on games, though P&R podcasts scare me a little.

I enjoyed it. I like that Tom was good about identifying who was speaking, because to be frank, you all sound pretty much alike.

I’m looking forward to listening to one done about a movie I’ve seen or intend to see.

Steve Bauman had dropped a ‘he’ here & there in relation to Kelly Wand… somewhere back in CGM.

So if you make good on the coffee offer from the first few seconds, does it come in the form of classy gourmet goodness?

Tonight I watched American Zombie and Quarantine which Tom refers to in the podcast as “another found footage movie.” I’m curious if anyone saw Rec and how it compares to Quarantine.


For Quarantine why did they make the end of the movie the centerpiece of the ad campaign? I mean, I’ve seen that “girl gets pulled away from the camera” shot everywhere, and then it’s the end of the movie and it hasn’t happened yet and you know it’s coming and you realize, “Hey, the spoiled the end of this movie for everyone.” Wow, the marketing guys should be shot.


American Zombie starts as a documentary about the plight of zombies in LA and how they’re mistreated, gets some interesting creepiness going when the filmmakers go to the zombie version of Burning Man, but then doesn’t really pay off. And they break their own documentary genre by using found footage the documentarians couldn’t possibly have gotten.

I guess this whole “found footage” is a big thing in horror nowadays, only ten years after Blair Witch.

Rec has a much better sense of build-up, and the actors are a lot better. Especially the firemen, who look like civil servants and not television actors. Rec is also more subtle with the tension between the white Spaniards and the Arab family. The melting pot aspect of the apartment building just seems a lot more plausible given the setting.

Also, the main actress in Rec is really good, in that she starts off as a lite TV hostess type (cute, but annoyingly chipper) and gets increasingly more battered, bloodied, and sympathetic as events unfold. The actress really carries the horror of what’s happening and you see a strength emerge from her, which is what you need in a movie like this. I also got a much better sense for her bond with her cameraman.

I liked the Quarantine actress as Dexter’s sister in the Showtime series, where she was supposed to be slightly awkward and uncomfortable in her own skin. But in Quarantine, she just came across as poorly cast and not quite up to the task of performing in a zombie apocalypse microcosm.

As for the Quarantine spoiler, you have only yourself to blame. Stop watching trailers and commercials and you’ll be just fine. :)


What’s the RSS feed for the podcast for people, like me, who don’t want to wait for iTunes approval?

Here’s our iTunes link:


Here’s our RSS feed, I think:


For anyone who didn’t listen to this episode, we’ll have a Where The Wild Things Are At episode up on Monday, and we’ll be introducing a new regular feature.


Review, please.

P.S. I just want to know if the film is super French, or if it’s a French film that is super, or if it is a film about the super French.

I believe that’s a movie called The Last Drop.

I think it’s about coffee, so Tom should be all over it.

That was a fun listen, though it did take me most of the episode to figure out that Tom wasn’t calling Xtien ‘Genghis.’

Crap. I bet now he starts. Great.

Thanks Mr. Arse.


What has me a bit worried is the “72 IN 1” which sounds more like gay porn. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


They did the same thing for paranormal activity. The ending is right in the trailer.

“This generation’s Open Water” had me laughing out loud.