Qt3 Podcast: Paranormal Activity

Hey, cool. I can listen to this when I walk my dog. Thanks for doing this guys. This should be fun.

ha, ha, ha. Kelly Wand is a dude!

I am searching my memory, and I can’t remember if I tried to hit on her when I thought she was a chick. Kelly, if I did, my bad holmes.

My indignation at their cribbing of the wonderful Airfix Focke-Wulf 189 scale model box cover

was greatly deflated by a belated realisation of that being the cover of a pirate edition.

Don’t worry, that’s just a holdover from the stolen Airfix box cover. The model is in 1:72 scale.

“Besides midgets, the only abnormality is the incapacity to love.” – John Houseman

The great thing about you is that you always seem so well-informed ;)

I’ve tried to stop watching trailers or reading about movies before sitting down to watch them. It’s great to go into a movie without knowing a damn thing about them (recommended for Paranormal Activity and Orphan, especially).

This is a slightly older “found footage” movie:
The Last Broadcast
I think The Blair Witch Project had a higher budget :)

Nice job guys, it sounds natural and funny from the word go. I will have to hold off on each one though, until I see the movie being discussed.

Just listening to the first episode now. Please tag your mp3 files!

Just to give you some idea of how tech retarted I am: I don’t even know what that means.


Just say to the person responsible for uploading: “We need tags on the podcast.”
If that person is you, all hope is lost :P

Oh my.

There are a few phrases that, if you just blurt them out with authority at the right time, you can appear to be very tech savvy. On buying a new computer, ask about the specs and then say, “We’re gonna need more RAM than that.” ON uploading the podcast, say, “We’re gonna need some tags on this.”

Of the work I’m currently doing, some of it involves heavy editing and writing. When I’m doing that, I can barely even stand to have music on headphones; usually I’m only efficient as I need to be when it’s totally quiet and I can focus.

But…this week I’m manually sorting the stuff I had to write/edit last week. It’s very time consuming…but it doesn’t engage my brain and I’m finding that listening to podcasts helps make the time and work fly by. I meant to listen to the new podcast this afternoon for Into The Storm, and but for whatever reasons, iTunes stalled on the stream I was doing. It then kicked it over to the next podcast in the list, which in this case was the first podcast.

As in, ever. First movie podcast. I don’t ever remember listening to this before, and find it of interest for something that should be coming up in a few weeks, but man…you three have really come a long way. It was fun to listen to this and hear it sort of formatless and with some sound problems and everything…and still get a great discussion on this particular movie, to boot.

In any event, folks should go back and listen to this nugget of awesome. It manages to be a good podcast on its own terms, but it’ll also make you appreciate how good the current podcast format is, and how professional it sounds.

Whoa. What a cool post, triggercut. I don’t know that I could stand going back there myself–YIKES–but I appreciate you taking that on and posting those observations.

Thank you so much.


“I feel it breathing on me.”

For some reason iTunes has refreshed the entire feed for me a couple of times this week, treating the entire five-ish year history as new podcasts. I have no idea what’s going on.

Tom fixed the feed so you’d have access to the entire history. Couple that with - why are you using iTunes?! :)

The repeated little adrenaline blasts of anger iTunes causes me when it does messed up crap, freezes, locks, and hangs are like their own little internal espresso shots for my nervous system that keep me going during the day.

Because I have (and love) a 160 GB iPod classic and there’s not really a good alternative as far as I’ve found. I’ve tried gPodder and Juice and they were even less useful. And I’m not shelling out for an iOS iPod, nor am I willing to accept the dramatic cut to storage that would entail (I have that classic literally full to the brim).