Qt3 QTtheHIll Dominions Disciples game thread

Taking a small liberty here to clean up asI think the other thread is getting a bit bloated, so here are the details:

Ok, the Grimoire Guild would like to invite MA Pangaea to join our book club.

Promoting literacy amongst Harpies and Minotaurs is a noble goal.

The Furious Titan Coalition take Tien Chi.

PRI drafts MA Vanheim

The DCC picks Eriu.

Apologies for the delay.

The Secret Bone Clan wanted to pick something secretive, but Van and Eriu have already been taken. Thus, we have been angered!! And nobody knows how to be angry more than giants! So we go with Giants! Giants who eat people! NOM NOM NOM ASHDOD!!

The satyrs and revelers have been a little too loud in the Grimoire Guild’s libraries, so to quiet them down a bit we’ve invited folks who are more down, more sullen, more…grim?

Asphodel will be joining us.

Map for QTtheHill

I think this is absolutely correct, that team 1 gets Asphodel. Team 5 (us) was not planning on doing back to back picks. Instead we get the first pick of the real estate.

Yep, and team 1 gets an advantage from nation picks, but no choice at all when it comes to starting location

OK. I’ve never done real estate picks - how do you setup choosing your capital location(s)?

Some other miscellany:

Strato noted the pairings of starting sites in one of these messages. Pyrhic and I will pick our pair, and then everyone else in sequence. Once the Secret Bone Clan has chosen the form of your destruction, of course.

I am not so sure on the new Ghostbusters… it better be written well.

Bit of simple map editing. As with this link http://www.illwinter.com/dom4/manual_mapedit.pdf there is a table down the bottom that has numbers assigned for each nation in each era. Simply writing #specstart with the province number, and nation into the map file will assign that nation to choose that position over all else, except for when the map places thrones and screws it all up. That won’t happen here. This was about the best, most efficient way I could think of to make nation picking fair. I can not emphasise enough just how much I’ve aimed to make it fair for all teams, so if there is any sort of criticism or feedback, I’m most happy to hear it.

And thank you for making a new thread. For some reason, this forum seems to refrain from making new threads for new games, particularly with Dominions (and I still remember the massive thread from years ago). Good to break with tradition.

The Furious Titan Coalition picks Shinuyama

Pink robes will hide the giants of Jotunheim nicely then

The Demonic Claw Cartel requires a moment to strategize, but will be ready to announce the final member of the family tomorrow morning.

Wait, is this thing still on? Test test 123…

Yes, sorry! I’ve been working nights and weekends and this past weekend was our busiest of the summer so I didn’t end up getting the time I needed. But now, without further ado, the DCC picks…


Red rover, red rover, secret bone clan calls Mictlan over!

Cryptic, Unseen, Dark, and Undisclosed describes the way that the Secret Bone Clan picks 61 and 106 to be our starting points!

Do you guys have a preference for which nation starts on which point?

Let us have a confidential, furtive, and conspiratorial discussion and get back to you.

While we’re waiting (are we waiting?) could the DCC post our province selections?

The Secret Bone Clan has no problem with the DCC and others making selections. Part of the Clan is preoccupied with work, which is why we haven’t responded yet.

With regards to the map, 57 and 6 are connected, and I doubt that was the intent. Not sure if this has been noted yet.