Qt3 QTtheHIll Dominions Disciples game thread

Yeah, saw it and fixed it. And psyanojim’s eagle eyes spotted the missing forest in 36.

Also, having just done a quick test game, the throne was the throne of night. Not a good throne because it gives a nation’s blessed units Darkvision, and also generates a worldwide event that seems to be like a global utterdark across the map. It is a level 1 throne, so it won’t be in our game, but if there are any level three thrones that offer up similar effects, I’d suggest we restart the game.

Edit: Looks like it might only be the Throne of the Elements that has triggered events.

The Demonic Claw Cartel picks 32 and 11.

Bit of a timezone difference, and the Winter chill affecting me a bit, but by the time our Pink Robes dry splendidly, we the Pink Robe Initiative should have an idea on start location.

PRI goes Jotunheim in 134, Vanheim in 158

The Furious Titan Coalition will have Tien Chi in 33 and Shinuyama in 66

I’m having trouble getting the grigmagkoth map working. I try to load it into the map editor and i get an error that the .tga is missing. I did redownload from moddb and rename the .tga to match the .map but that didn’t work. Some assistance would be appreciated.

Leave the .tga file as it is from the download (ie: GrigioniaMagnus.tga). The .map file looks for GrigioniaMagnus.tga, not GrigioniaMagnusKotH5.tga

The Grimoire Guild will be starting in 108 and 139 based on the final pick available.

What I need from Grimoire Guild, Demonic Claw Cartel and Secret Bone Clan is the preferred start positions for their nations like has been done with Pink Robe Initiative and Furious Titan Coalition. If not, I’ll just place them myself. I am hopeful to get the map uploaded to Llamaserver and game created in the next few days, and we can get the game started this time next week.

Turn timer for the first 15 turns I expect to be 48 hours.

The party animals of Pangaea will be having their gathering in 108. All Furry costumes must have compulsory hooves and horns. Large smelly goat-men will be practising their pick-up lines on any females attending.

The more sombre gathering of Asphodel will be in 139. Entertainment will be Pet Sematary playing on a loop. Don’t forget to bring your Cure CDs and dead houseplants.

At the risk of guessing wrongly for my work laden team mate, I will state that the Secret Bone Clan will place Mictlan to the north of the lake, and Ashdod to the south. (I believe that means that Ashdod is 61, and Mictlan is 106, but do not have the map with me).

And we will be bringing a gift of a crate of black lipstick and black leather jackets for our undead planty friends…

I’ll give it another 12 hours or so, then I’ll assign the remaining nations a place and create the game on Llamaserver.

if ye don’t hear from The Ot in the next 12, Nazca on 32, Eriu on 11

That works for me. Sorry about that, we’re in the home stretch at work so it’s been a busy week. Starting next week I’ll have a lot more time.

Sorry guys, been having a few troubles with the Asphodel start location. Had to remove the swamp from the actual province I think to make it work. Ran one test and it all came good. Will do a few more later, check again for funkiness with the neighbours and should get it onto llama later on. Got to go back and finish painting a room now though.

It is done - http://www.llamaserver.net/gameinfo.cgi?game=QTtheHill

Please check and make sure I haven’t messed anything up with the game set up. Otherwise, hopefully smooth sailing with the game when we start. I will set it so the game auto hosts every 54 hours. If that is too short with work pressures and managing conversations, please don’t hesitate to request a longer timeframe. Fingers crossed we can get this started sometime after the weekend.

Two quick notes. I didn’t see anything untoward with regards to neighbours, though I’ll check things over again when we start the game. If anyone ends up in a position they shouldn’t be, yeah, we’ll restart. I have tested multiple times now and every is placed exactly where they should be.

The start positions set for each nation:

T’ienCh’i 33, Shinuyama 66, Jotunheim 134, Vanheim 158, Ashdod 61, Mictlan 106, Nazca 32, Eriu 11, Pangea 108, Asphodel 139. In the map file, it looks a little like this:

#specstart 42 33
#specstart 54 66
#specstart 51 134
#specstart 50 158
#specstart 55 61
#specstart 41 106
#specstart 57 32
#specstart 38 11
#specstart 48 108
#specstart 49 139

As I mentioned previously, the game will absolutely not allow Asphodel to start on a swamp province. Why, I have no idea, it actually makes no difference to the best of my knowledge. It will allow other nations to start on a swamp though. And as I set up the map, I did check and all incomes and resources for all nations are essentially the same irrespective of where the capital is. To get around that, the swamp in 139 is now not a swamp but rather a plain tile. I hope the Asphodel player or the Pan/Asphodel team does not have any objections with that?

Thats weird, but as you say, it makes absolutely no difference to income/resources/population etc.

I think the biggest impact will be an inability to cast Ancient Presence from the capital. That’s based on a quick scan through the ritual spells that require a source terrain of swamp. I had concerns something like the “Hidden in” series of rituals had a swamp one, but clearly not.

The Grimoire Guild sees no problem with this change. Swamps make books damp and mouldy.

Hey, how do i get the corrected map file with all the start locations and such? Will that be downloaded with the first turn? I already have the image of the map.

It isn’t needed if I recall. However if you want to practice your new meta strats with your start positions in place and the minor map changes done, I’ve emailed everyone to the email addresses that were requested.