Qt3 QTtheHIll Dominions Disciples game thread

The gift is graciously accepted. Centaurs in black leather are the height of fashion in Asphodel.

In return, we send a DVD of the most excellent film, ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’, and all its sequels.

We hope that this will demonstrate how fearsome vegetation can be when provoked.

We have also heard strange tales of blood rituals performed in your lands. Should you run short of blood, this gift will be a reminder that we have a plentiful supply of ketchup available as a replacement.

You must have been thinking of our ancestors. This is the new, improved Secret Bone Clan, now with extra Law!

However, your kind gift is a reminder that people that eat vegetables exclusively are sadly lacking in intelligence, wisdom, strength, and constitution. Instead, it is better to eat meat, and a lot of it. Indeed, a wise sage once proclaimed:

Bacon, The source of all happiness

How much time do we need for submission of Pretenders and Disciples? I’ve been feeling pretty rough lately myself, but I feel as though there is a bit of a waning of interest in this game, which I can expect given the long lag time in getting it started compounded with my poor organisation skills. Maybe I just need bacon.

For some reason it seems that several people are crushed at work. I know my teammate has been swamped, for instance.

I do not think you have anything in the way of poor organizational skills - you have managed to overcome swamp/map obstacles and have a viable map, which is more than I can say for some of the games on other boards.

And if you are feeling a bit rough with the cold weather down under, bacon is always a good decision, regardless of the state of the game.

Yeah your organisational skills are already way above anything I had to do to get QTAnon up and running!

Team games will always have more of a lag too, pretender/disciple design and strategies need to be discussed in detail before starting, and team-mates can be in different timezones etc…

is the game up so that we can submit Pretenders/Disciples? I didn’t see anything in the Qt3dominions inbox…

I mentioned it upthread, post #35 - here is the link again.

Being the first time I’ve ever set up a team game, I wasn’t aware that the Pretender or Disciple needs to be specified, I figured the file from Llamaserver would have done that. Any chance one person from each team can let me know the set up? In saying that, all nations are current set as Pretender.

As we are the only complete team uploaded so far, the Grimoire Guild claims to be King of the Llamaserver! We have but to hold the server uncontested for three more days and we shall declare victory!!!

(that ought to do the trick…)

Oh somehow I missed that the game was already up on Llamaserver. I’ll be traveling most of the day tomorrow but should have time tomorrow night or Thursday to finish up my pretender and send it in.

For the Demonic Claw Cartel: Eriu/otthegreat is the pretender and Nazca/Evil Steve is the disciple.

I created my ‘pretender’ as a disciple, so assume the nations need to be set as team 1,2,3,4,5 with a pretender/disciple in each team?

Evil Steve, if I understand you correctly, you are absolutely correct. If you click on assign teams in the link at the bottom of the status page, you can see how it is set out. I actually thought the server would read the file and indicate who would be Disciple or Pretender based on how it was created, but that evidently isn’t the case.

If I know who is the Pretender, it allows me to designate that nation as the Pretender for the team once everyone’s Pretender and Disciple are submitted. It doesn’t matter who is team 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 just so long as the pairings are correct (eg: Team 1 is the Pan/Asphodel grouping). Shinuyama and Ashdod are both in as Pretenders at the moment only because that was the default stance, but I can switch them to Disciple easily enough.

Got it. Just forgot how the upload works for a moment.

For our team Shinuyama is disciple and Tien Chi is pretender

For the Secret Bone clan, Ashdod is the pretender and Mictlan is the disciple.

Looks like all we need is Mictlan…

I know that pyrhic has been busy recently, I hope everything is ok with him.

Nah, who am I kidding, pyrhic is just too busy rolling around on his bed of Krugerrands with three or six Playboy bunnies to upload his pretender.

Apologies folks, i’ll have mine in tomorrow night, or saturday afternoon at the latest.

No hurry pyrhic. Will you, and everyone else swamped by work, other commitments or eating too much bacon* be ok with the initial turn timer of 54 hours for the initial turns?

*Is it possible to eat too much bacon?

All right, and I am in. Finally.

Apologies again, lately I’ve been rather…



But I’m back now.