Qt3 QTtheHIll Dominions Disciples game thread

Yeah, I was able to bump it 24 hrs per your request.Good thing, since 2 people still have not submitted.

And Pyperkub is correct, if you can, please resubmit your turn while running the latest patch.

Sorry guys, will be getting my turn in later today. Bit of a last minute change at work did the usual screw with body due to sleep deprivation stuff.

Also Akaoni, Wormfood teleported to a province next to Machaka. In this turn, I learned that Boots of the Planes is much like any ritual spell casting, and thus up to chance as to whether a remote spell will target a unit or not.

Pity, I had an Earth Attack that missed him.

Gentlemen, is there any hope of wrapping this game up before the end of the year? I find myself getting bored defending against disease carriers and teleporting wraith lords, whipping out turns without thinking. Can someone please give me some good battles before the monkeys go into the long night?

Evil Steve, do you want to invade Monkey Land, if you dont have a convenient land bridge to TNN?

For me, the problem is time - a simple turn takes over an hour. A complicated turn - 3 or 4. So i find myself putting off doing my turn until i know I can spend some time with it. It’s probably the biggest problem with the game at the later stages - there’s just so many possibilities, and having to check on critical activities again and again to ensure they didn’t get messed up is trying (oh, when i checked that guys equipment, it reset his spell again).

I’m guessing that since you’re allied with everyone else in the game, your message to give you good battles is directed at me…

I know that feeling pyrhic. My biggest weakness with this game is failing to check and recheck orders/commands etc, so critical things get missed. Classic one is flying thugs left to hold x 5 then attack. Normally they part of an army, but when I send them solo, ooops, they just happy to chill for a few turns.

Oh. my. me.

Yomi, are you really going to attack me with that plodding army?


Folks, this is precisely why we can’t have nice things.

Also, in case you didn’t look closely at the battle report, i killed your gem carrier - well, at least one of them.

Well, at least you brought your god along.

Hope it doesn’t get melted by a water elemental…

well that does have to go down as one of the most annoying turns ever. anyhow, i’ve come down with the worst flu ever, so need an extension, say till friday?


Hosting postponed for QTwildride by 72 hours. The game will now host at 04:36 GMT on Saturday August 6th.

In the meantime, can someone do an in depth report of the battle that they are talking about? Inquiring minds want something to read during the Flu season…

Hope you feel better soon Steve, and don’t think twice if you need another delay. I didn’t want to ask for one, but as i just got home now and its time for bed, I was forced with the prospect of asking for a delay or cobbling together a very hasty turn (again) and I didn’t really like either option so this is perfect for me.

I can’t imagine I know the full extent of Steve’s plight, and there’s a little guesswork involved here - but in an effort to keep you entertained…

There really wasn’t a battle per se, Yomi just advanced a large army towards my territory. I’ve been watching this army ‘gather’ for a little bit, situated in a place Yomi had reserved for defending against Atlantis, and to a lesser extent, Pangaea. Given the present political situation, it’s a somewhat obscure location to house the number and types of troops that Yomi was putting there. Yes, it could be used to stage against Kailasa - and it has some value in a neutral defensive position to react or act in a number of directions (similar to my own Wound Crossroad), but i’ve suspected that he was staging to move against me.

Unfortunately, his first movement (which wasn’t even into my territory), took him into my dominion and he was hit with some vengeful water attacks that he probably forgot to consider. I was pretty fortunate, and my vengeful water hit what i’d describe as three ‘very opportune’ targets in his advancing army. The first was a sleeper he was using as a gem carrier. The sleeper had decent stats and good ‘natural’ equipment, and given his stats might even have been leading troops(inspirational +1 and recuperation) - but, even as well equipped as he was(alll key stats in the high teens), he was poorly equipped to handle the large(size 6) water elemental and fell with his 30 count of gems. The second was against what I’d describe as a mid-tier/key caster, equipped with 5 low/middle tier magic items including 2 boosterss who also was no match for a size 6 water elemental (and phoenix pyre didn’t help). The third was another mid caster, but this one more equipped for a support role, and even though it didn’t phoenix pyre itself, it also was short work for the monster elemental.

Two further attacks were made, though these heroes defeated their elementals - the first was a reincarnated hero(mummy), that almost fell to the elemental’s first strike, but eventually was able to turn the tide but not before gaining 2 further afflictions (both of which were pretty negligible to the mummy). The other was against another support caster, but this one had the good luck to cast spells that were able to wear the elemental down and she got through unscathed (I dont think the elemental even reached her).

It’s possible that he tried (and failed) to dispel the sea of ice in order to climb his ocean troops onto the shore - either that, or he’s just realized that can’t actually plot the movement to land until the global is actually dispelled, so he’s frustrated from performing a synchronized attack on my fort.

It’s possible some other things have happened that i either didn’t observe, forgot, or am deliberately hiding from you.

While I’m chatty though, I think I can say that I’m pretty pleased with Vengeful water. It’s been a great use of water gems, and far more valuable than that air one and probably has effected a better defense. I certainly would cast it again given favorable conditions for it…

Can I get a 24-hour extension on Wild Ride?


Hosting postponed for QTwildride by 24 hours. The game will now host at 00:41 GMT on Wednesday August 10th.

I am mildly curious how many gems the latest global gives the caster in return.

Thanks! Looks like it will be a tricky turn for the demonic monkeys… but at least this is the 2nd time I’ve made it to 100 turns in the Qt3 games!

The message is somewhat vague and unsatisfying…

“The arcane nexus has absorbed magic power equivalent to 54 astral gems”

It’s funny, because i always thought it returned the gem types that were absorbed. I also thought it might give me some information about where the gems came from, but given the nature of the game and the mechanics of how it works, it’s maybe not surprising that it doesnt. The wording of the spell is a little ambiguous:

“This mighty enchantment absorbs magical energies worldwide to replenish the caster’s magical resources. Half of all magic gems used to cast spells and to create magic items will be absorbed into the Arcane Nexus and collected by the owner of the enchantment. The purity of Astral and Blood magic makes it impossible for the Nexus to absorb any magic when these types of spells are cast, but all other types of magic will have some of their power absorbed by the Nexus. Even when no spells are cast or no items are forged, the Nexus will absorb some ambient magic energy from the world. The spell lasts until someone dispels it or the caster dies.”

The real world is crashing in upon me this week. Any chance I can get another extension - 48 hours this time. Things should have calmed down by Thursday here.

Hosting postponed for QTwildride by 48 hours. The game will now host at 00:41 GMT on Friday August 12th.

Thanks for posting that info about the Nexus, pyhric. I am glad you posted that, because based on my last turn, I thought that I was playing a zombie apocalypse game, not Dominions. Quite a few armies of undead wandering around monkey lands. What to do, what to do.

Maybe summon an earth elemental to go smash em?

Gentlemen, please lend me your ears. It has occurred to me, and undoubtedly to you all, that the recent turns have been plagued with delays and long bouts between them. Now that we are on turn 100, I have to ask:

Do we have a clear winner? As far as I can tell, TNN will slowly crush Kailasa and/or Lanka while fending off attacks from Yomi and Caelum. And from what I have seen, Yomi does not have the spells at sufficient level to take on TNN. Caelum does, but does not have the troops.

Kailasa can put up a good fight, but botbaddict’s TIen Chi almost killed off Kailasa, and they have not been able to recover to a point to do much more than slow down TNN in an attempt on the capital.

I just don’t want this game to sputter along with people dreading the 2 hour turns while the slow inevitable takes place. There is apparently another game waiting in the wings for this one to end.

So, is my perception correct? Or do Yomi and/or Caelum have a CUNNING plan up their sleeve to take on the master of four globals, most of the elemental royalty, maxed out research, and the accompanying unique items, tons of gems, and trolls?

Maybe we just have to send pyrhic a case of IPAs every turn to mess with his orders…