Qt3 QTtheHIll Dominions Disciples game thread

I have told the game to start, but I’m guessing there is a bit happening on the Llamaserver end at the moment with the mail server troubles.

Is there anyone else playing a game currently? I’m a bit concerned something has gone amiss with the game setup.

Llamaserver still has the message that the email server is down, you just have to go to the main page to see it as of yesterday

I am in ancient foes 3, and I got my turn this am. So it might be the setup.

Llama just contacted me about it in fact, the image file got corrupted. Might be making progress soon I hope.

Any luck?

Llama is a legend!

The game has started now. Apologies for the delays guys.


[are you sure? ed.]



Mictlan has free candy? Whoo!

You may be familiar with the early Mictlan culture. Yes, we may have been a little preoccupied with blood.

But those were uncivilized times: Lawless! We are now in the modern era and the Mictlan diet has been weaned away from blood. Our servants are no longer demons and creatures of the night. We are a open, honest, society now - where the people are bound by rules, and by peace, and no one needs fear the night!

And now, well, we like candy. Sweet, ruby-red, candies made by only the purest of workers, in the highest of the holy temples: it is quite the delicacy. And even now, Mictlan Candy distributors, with their personalized Onyx Candy Boards, are en route to all sorts of realms, bringing with them the finest of fine candies for people to try!


Bring candy or go home. The nation of Big Friendly Giants want candy, not pet jaguars. Big Friendly Giants like candy made from purest holy workers.

Outside voice: Ahhhh, this is great. Woods to frolic in, clean mountain air to breathe, and thousands of nubile young humans to seduce. Hi-didlle-dae, a satyr’s life for me!

Inside voice: Yesss, bring those nubile young humans for my vines to strangle, violate, and manikinize!

Outside voice: Whoa! This ain’t no hentai game here!

(just to bump the thread)

Hentai? I’ve just seen a swamp full of blood slave virgins and some dark vine tentacles… don’t want to know what goes on in that province!

Ashdod is pleased that Amazon is implementing delivery of fried Nazca chicken by winging the chickens DIRECTLY to the fireball tossing chefs! Break out the hot sauce!


Hot wings? Why, they’ll go great at the giant BBQ we’re planning. Come one, come all, to the GIANT bbq!

I have to say, we are off to a great start. BBQ, fried chicken, and free candy! INCONCEIVABLE!

For a balanced diet you must eat vegetables too.

Unfortunately Asphodel can no longer sell vegetables. Regulators have detected undead animal bones amongst our vegetable shipments, and have shut down our operations.

Apparently, salads that reanimate and attack the customers are not popular in restaurants. Who knew?

You just so happen to be missing friends!