QT3 Question of the Day

Why the fuck is Pfizer running ads for Viagra on Star Trek Voyager re-runs?

No idea. I mean, Voyager was the one with Seven of Nine in it right? Who the fuck needs viagra when you have that?

Impotent nerd need help too, even if it’s just to masturbate.

You are not over 60 i believe? even if you are about to lay a hot chick as seven of nine you need some “stabilizing” help (sometimes)… ;)

Hitting their target audience, apparently.

Because Pfizer makes Viagra?

Preying upon nerd insecurity?

If you have Viagra I guess you can pretend you’re getting laid?

“Oh, Captain Janeway… Lace: The Final Brassiere.”

I love how LifeAlert ads run on Adult Swim.

Two words: medical marijuana.