QT3 Quote of the Week - week ending 11/12/2005

I propose a new QT3 Quote of the Week contest, and nominate this for our inaugural winner, from the Hardware & Technical forum.


Actually Rob’s on a roll today, and his comment about conservative criticism of Bush is even better:

Reading that was like when you go to the house of someone you dislike, and his old grandpa with Alzheimers keeps muttering spiteful things at the dinner table, telling the host he’s a faggot, and stabbing the crockery with the butter knife.

Change ‘Quote of the Day’ to ‘Quote of the Week’ and I think you’ve got yourself a winning idea.

Done :-)

Peter’s games are like Heaven, as it is depicted by renaissance artists and amusing pastiches in The Simpsons: a place of beauty and peace, where one drifts through sunlit fields of wispy cloud and marvels at Olympian wonders.

After bathing in the glow for some time, however, listening to the gentle, distant strains of an unseen harpist, it dawns on you there’s no pub. And that, as they say, is the end of that.

Rob again… quick, somebody else type something funny, so we can have a vote.

So this family walks into a talent agent’s office…

Thanks for the nomination :)

Just so we have the rules down here, does the quote of the week need to be intentionally witty or can it be something that is so absurdly stupid that it makes you laugh?

It really should be any notable quote, regardless of intent.

We’d better retire Jose Liz’ jersey right now, then.

Watch it, Billy Boy: nobody has ever won an argument against Jose Liz on this forum, and I don’t think you’re going to be the first one.


Aw, just look at him light up when he sees his name. He’s like a scruffy old dog that looks up with big loving eyes at his owner. Always hoping for a pat on the head and a snack, too dumb to realise that just like every other night he’ll get a kick in the head.

Does the quote of the week count if it comes from this thread? I sense some good times ahead.