QT3 Quote of the Week - week ending 11/19/05

Edit: Fixed attribution

Was there truly nothing more noteworthy said this week?

Also, it’s misattributed.

You tell me! I thought it was funny; if you disagree, why not find something you like better?

In between posting the same thing 4x in a row in the movies forum, getting the date format (wacky yanks) and attribution wrong and now getting dissed for my taste in yucks, that was maybe the least successful five minutes i’ve ever spent on this forum.

I don’t think I can possibly win against “I need to hire somebody who can think for Microsoft.”

Also, who was it misattributed to? I didn’t see the original post pre-edit.

Pegasus Croissandwich.

Pegasus Croissandwich.[/quote]

Damn him! Always taking credit!

I knew this nick would get me into trouble, but I had hoped it would be the amusing, musical comedy kind of trouble, not identity theft.

I have been biting my tongue to keep from even opening that thread.

The fact that I was contacted by Microsoft recruiters last week makes it only more tempting.