Qt3 San Francisco Get Together?

OK, so now I’m two for two in terms of having a good time meeting Qt3ers (thanks, Seattle folks!), and I figure I’ll go for broke for three. Near the end of our vacation, my wife & I will be in San Francisco this Friday & Saturday, May 23 & 24. Any chance folks want to get together for a drink and/or dinner? It is Memorial Day weekend, & it’s less than a week’s notice, but I figured I’d float it.

We’ll have a car, & I’ll try to check in on the Internet in a day or so to see if there’s interest. We don’t know the area well, so I’d rely on a native to pick a place.

I definitely am interested in a bay area meetup, but I will be on the east coast next weekend.

I could probably do it on Friday night. Saturday I’ll be in central Cali though.

I can already tell you that teledyne will be unable to come, he’s leaving for central Cali tomorrow.

Saturday’s booked for me, maybe friday, but can’t know this far out.

I should be around.

Any suggestions on where to go? Fridays tend to be pretty busy at my normal watering holes.

I’m game, but I’d be more game for a peninsula meet-up than driving into the city. And with MikeSofaer unable to come, that means I can’t ask for a ride. :-)

Hahaha… fire, if you lived a bit closer, I’d totally offer a ride.

I’m up in Santa Rosa, probably couldn’t make it on Friday, and would prefer the city (or north of it!) I mean, the city is nice, but I can’t parallel park for shit. :)

It amuses me that there are quite a few QT3ers all within a 50 mile radius of San Francisco but we can’t agree on where to go.

You should all come down to Santa Cruz. It’s sunny and there’s a place with some damn fine Margaritas, right next door to a fabulous shoe store.

There’s also a place with bacon dipped in chocolate.

One of my favorite places in the city is the Thirsty Bear. Spanish tapas and organic beer… Mmmm.

As I said before, I’m totally up for Friday night.

I’ve actually been to Thirsty Bear. Amazing! I’ve been a place in San Francisco that someone else recognizes!

And Santa Cruz is a HUNDRED MILES AWAY from me. VETO.

But I’m not promising to come anywhere anyway.

OMG, the Thirsty Bear… That was the first place I ever got drunk with the CGW crew. We went there after a brewery tour, where we basically hung around drinking samples until we got dirty looks.

Valuable lesson learned that night: Don’t try to keep pace up with Johnny Wilson at a bar.

Pfffft, lightweight.

OK, there’s conflicts for both days, but I think Friday seems to have fewer problems, so let’s target Friday, May 23. I’m assuming I can Google the Thirsty Bear’s address, so that sounds like a good place to meet.

Happy to take more suggestions for a day or so for a meeting place, if someone knows of one that might not be as busy on Friday, or is two to three miles closer to Santa Cruz and/or Santa Rosa to make it tempting for closeby Qt3ers.

Hey Whitta, you intending to come?

Oh, and if we have a tentative headcount, I can make reservations.

Too many damn vampires, though.


Feel free to count my head.

Gary’s out of town.

What time Friday are you guys thinking? I could possibly make it if my appointment doesn’t run too late (and my painful shyness doesn’t kick in).