QT3 Seattle Meetups

A topic for Seattle are meetups. We’re planning to meet up at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue 3/8/2020, but due to various factors including Coronovirus, other sickness, etc. I’m putting this poll here to see if we should just reschedule…

Planning to come to Mox in Bellevue on 3/8/20 at 1 pm?

  • I’m still planning to be there on March 8, 2020.
  • I can come March 8, but I’m just as happy to reschedule when more people can come
  • I can’t make it March 8, 2020, but would like to do a meetup sometime after plague season ends
  • Sh1t b0nerz, I don’t even live around Seattle

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I’ll check at 8am and update my vote accordingly. It’s 3 hours for me, so Gotta prep :)

Forgot all about this but I am still recovering from a cold. I’m fine, but don’t want to freak people out with my sniffles.

Yay shit bonerz!

I’m a lil drunk

Sorry I have to bail, have two sick kids. Not COVID, but still not exactly pleasant.

Well looks like the writing is on the wall. Hopefully I can attend when this gets rescheduled.

I was so looking forward to board games and @Don_Quixote donuts.

Thanks for making this poll @Editer. Looks like this won’t happen today, but I’m interested in doing the next one.

Yep, we’re off for today. Bummer but totally understand.

We’ll regroup once the excitement ends.

I live fairly close, so I just showed up without checking online! 😅

If anyone else is here, I have a Full Tilt jacket on with the initials AUS.

I’m just sitting here chatting with the bartender, and he’s telling me about a boardgame he just discovered called Foodies. You each have a country & design your menu around their cuisine, and the most popular food wins.

We should play a round when we do have a meetup & then go for dinner with the winning food!

Oh, man, @AustinArlitt, Carnifex from BF was there too. But I didn’t see your post until after I responded to his. I felt terrible because I forgot to post the cancellation over there and I wish I could have let him know someone else was there.

I love that idea on Foodies. :)

Well, I didn’t even see this thread, so I’ll take the hit. I’ll follow it here to keep up to date for next time.