QT3 Secret Santa: Episode V: Santa Strikes Back

I’m so in.
And I’m willing to travel to the North Pole to get my revenge (international it is):

Revenge? Did Kroko eat your daughter? If so, I’m very sorry I didn’t know

Did you play Agricola much? How’d you enjoy the game? I saw and loved the pics, but would be interested to know how you got with it.

She still loves Kroko, but I must admit that I haven’t played Agricola yet.

I’ve read the rules and fondled the pieces numerous times, but my limited gaming is split between my wife and some friends who resents learning new games all the time (my wife says I won’t let them be as good as me before moving to the next game), so right now we’re stuck on Small World (which I also love).
And my other group is desperately trying to find enough time to actually finish a full game of Axis & Allies: Pacific…

I’m in. I’m always amazed by how early this starts each year.

Absolutely in!

EDIT TO ADD: U.S. only, please.

Yeah, why not. Can do international.

It’s nice to see one of the great Qt3 traditions back for another year. Sadly I’m going to have to pass on it this year, lots of things are in flux for me right now. I will enjoy keeping up with the thread and seeing what everybody gets though.

In and can do international.

I’m in like Flynn. I’m an ugly American, so prefer to stay within my own borders.

In, though I’d rather not do international this year.

I’m in, but US only.

I’m in and willing to do international again.


In it to win it!

I’m in! NA only for me.

I’m in. Will ship internationally.

Provided there is a U.S. Postal service then.

Provided there is a QT3 then.

No further qualifications necessary, bring it!

What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!

It’s alright Omniscia, I’ll settle for today and hope we get another day manana! (but, admittedly, it is way too early to be thinking ahead to the holidays).

I’m in again. Will go international.

Count me in, but US-only this year. More money to spend on the cool stuff.

I’m in! I can do international.