QT3 Secret Santa Part III: Better Than the Last Sequel

Totally in. Willing to ship internationally again.

I’ve gotten awesome stuff every year and the amount of creativity that people put into thinking this stuff up is great.

In, and international is OK.

I’m in! Again! And since so many others are willing, I’d prefer NOT to ship internationally.

Sorry my European brothers. The others are just hoping to get a tiny crocodile from krazykrok. Admit it!

I’m in, up for whatever. If you live somewhere interesting, I’ll hand-deliver.


Definitely in, and cool with international shipping.

In! ! !

“Somewhere interesting” in or around Kentucky, huh?

How about you hand deliver me a seat at that pub near you with 100 microbrews on tap or whatever it was. THAT would be a merry Christmas.

I have no idea what int’l shipping costs. Can some of youo learned folks give me some sort of range?

Depends on size and speed. Last year it just about doubled my gift spend, but then I had gone for lower cost gag gifts.

Naw, I’m just saying that I’m due for a vacation. I just hope I don’t get Juan Rayo, I’ll feel compelled to bring the 2nd amendment to Honduras.


I’m SO IN for this! I had lots of fun last year.

I’m comin’ with.


I’m in

Ok, I’m in. Just as long as my Santee has life insurance. I’ll send internationally.


I’m in! It was really fun last year.

Sounds like great fun! I’m in. Of course, I will ship internationally. Thanks for arranging this, Ryan!

I’m in!