QT3 Secret Santa Part III: Better Than the Last Sequel

I’ll go again.

I’m in. I’ll ship shit to the moon, I don’t care.

I’m in.

I would like to sign up for this, please.

Oh…go on then. I’m willing to ship internationally. Is anyone here allergic to bees?

To me, the fun of these things is in cyber-stalking your Santee and trying to come up with a good, unique gift for them. Should be a good time.

Yeah. I have some great gifts in mind for certain people, but only time will tell if I get paired up with them…

I’m in.

I’ll ship intrastate, interstate, internationally, intercontinentally, or interplanetary.

What about interdimensionally?


Could maybe set this up as a poll with two options: “in” and “in and will ship”. Then just make the votes visible.

It has to be easier than scrolling through this list.

No, that’s just too far.

Planetary intergalactic!

If you’re going to do it, do it right!

I’m in btw…

I am, as they say, in.

I will ship internationally if need be.

Last year was so much fun…I’m in!

EDIT: I’d prefer to avoid international shipping and spend the cash on great presents for my US-based vict–uh, Santee.

Just looking for an update and bumping the thread in case anyone missed it the first time.

Oh, thanks fire - I missed it! I’m in and can ship anywhere.

If someone reminds me, I’ll sticky this thread a week before the deadline.


Eek. I missed it. I’m in. I had a good time with it last year.