QT3 SECRET SANTA TURNS 13... Are you playing?

I’ve had some hectic weeks, but now it is time to INITIATE OPERATION SANTA!

Dear @Jorn_Weines: Your Santa has a message for you once you receive your package. Please note that the contents are not wrapped so be careful with stuff that arrives in the next few weeks. Let us know when you receive your package, and Santa or I will reveal your message.

I will note to my Santa, whoever you might be, that I’ll be leaving the address indicated in my form on the morning of Saturday the 21st, likely not getting back till Friday the 27th, or thereabouts. If you want to send anything physical and need to between those dates, I’ll be happy to give you the family homestead address, but no worries either way :)

I would like my Santa to know that I’ll (probably) be away from home from the 21st tot the 28th of december, so I’ll most likely be late with the unpacking! If stuff arrives during that week, it will probably be delivered to my next-door neighbours, which is fine: they are great!

I never participate (get stressed sometimes trying to pick presents for people I know in “real life”!), but I sure love following these threads every year, especially come gift-opening time.

It just warms the heart on this holiday season and I love the creativity (and crafty stalking) involved!

On the -22nd day of christmas
A most mysterious package arrived
On the doorstep of an empty house, alas
For just this one moment, forces of nature contrived

To keep ol’ schurem from home
So of on his bike he went
Well-covered his little daughter and dome
To see what this little UPS note meant

And the man in the store was confounded
By use of alias instead of family name
But lo a proper package was done founded
And the above rhyme indeed is pretty lame

And like a boy hitting third base for the first time
Like a lonely nerd with a sweet girlie
And quite unlike this 'orrible rhyme
Quarter to three santa came early

Thanks @Kadath!

I have received packages. I am pretty sure they must be the ones mentioned here. I will stow them for opening week.

Well done!

Quite welcome. You were very hard to forum stalk. I talked to a few plane heads and they were out of gift ideas you wouldn’t already have so I went in a different direction. And then I learned something very frustrating about our forum search after I shipped which led to gifts that may or may not be up your alley :) I have a screenshot I will share after unboxing but go into it knowing I really tried but my search-fu failed me :)

Lovely poem BTW, that really made my day!

Dear @Arioch: Please expect a package Friday December 6 through Monday December 9, but probably not on the weekend, and not over a full moon, and if it’s raining maybe not then too; also, the contents are not wrapped, so even if you do take poseession of the package, please do not open it until Opening Week.

Dear @lordkosc: Your Santa would like you to know that you should expect a white box. Do not read the customs declaration pasted to the side of the box unless you like spoilers, which of course you don’t. Let us know if there are any issues with receiving your package, including added taxes, so we know for next time.

Dear @DennyA: Please share your wishlists on Amazon and Steam either here in-thread or via e-mail or PM to me. Be sure to at-mention your Santa (ha ha). Thank you!

OMG a box para me c/o Qt3 has arrived and gone under our just-completed tree!

Some of you don’t follow rules! That is all :P. Having a blast so far btw!

Wait what? My package was imported to the USA?


You do know that gif is wrong in oh so many ways, don’t ya? :-)

Googled shocked face and Elf. 😃

Really? Not ‘white Christmas’ or something like that? ;-)

Something arrived. And now I have to let it sit for three weeks? So hard!