Qt3 Server Status and Performance

Is it just me, or is QT3 loading really slowly today?

Seems slow to me too–

Same issue here.

Seems to be about the same as usual for me today.

Yeah, it seems slower since the move.

Really slow here.

Same here, I thought it was Comcast acting up again.

Seems about the same to me.

doooooooo weeeee ooooooooh eeeee oooooooooh crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsh

at least it wasn’t the Prodigy plug in the wall Hayes 2400.

and yes, the site is really slow today

Yep, slow here as well. Appears to be server related not connection related. I think there may be some tweaking in order.

Been a bit inconsistent for me, but I have definitely seen some slowness.

I haven’t noticed any unusual slowness, but then again, my connection is generally slow anyway.

  • Alan

It’s pokey for me too, a few seconds pause in switching forums or opening a thread.


I assumed it was merely my craptastic campus connection taking another nose dive but, yeah, every click involves a much longer wait that normal.

Burn it. Burn it all.

Little bit too fast for me, having trouble hanging on.

It’s like that episode of South Park, about the '90s guy who was unfrozen.

Anyone else still encountering slowdowns? It took me three tries just to get into this thread because the load kept timing out. Visiting other forums is very quick, which suggests it’s this board/server and not my internet connection.

Yep, still slow for me.