Qt3 Server Status and Performance

DALL-E was unable to generate an image close to my vision without the beard. Can’t a smiling slim caucasian man wearing round glasses drawing a rainbow betwixt his outstretched hands be clean-shaven? Apparently not. Still, though, it’s Tom-esque.

Even better.

It’s like Tom merged with Steve Jobs. Shame about the index and middle finger situation on his left hand that arose from said merger, but such is the price of progress. At least he was left with the correct number of digits! And such perfect teeth.

As someone who was recently told he looks like John Waters, I’ll accept it as an upgrade.

OMG, look at those other two! If those are supposed to be me, as much as I’d like to, I assure y’all I do not look like a younger version of God! : )

Yeah! Also, no beret!

Is the rainbow metaphorical, or allegorical?