Qt3 Stockholm meet

Since Anders has more or less bullied me into attending a screeing of Utena - The Movie (now with more ghey) I figure I’ll announce QT3Meet Stockholm.

The QT3Meet will take place at Zita on Saturday the 24th, the movie starts at 21:00, beyond that nothing is planned, scheduled or even discussed. It should be mentioned that the screening is part of a queer-feminist film festival, so anyone who has homophobic tendencies should probably avoid the event.

Anyone interested in showing up should mention it here so that we know who/what to look for. I figure this post is more or less a wasted effort, and no one but me and Anders will go, but it’s worth a shot.

BTW, Anders does not know about any of this (until he reads this post), so don’t ask him about any of this.

Great idea, I’m going to have to go home as soon as the movie ends though, as I’m working this weekend.
I just hope people aren’t scared away by the thought of a particular event. And that there are enough people to make it more than me and Kalle.
I can assure you Kalle’s nice, and I’m sure he’d say… something in that direction about me.

<sniff> went to Stockholm once when I was 17 and loved it. I have travelled a lot in the past few years but not had the chance to go back. Jealous of you guys as it is a great city.

I guess I might be able to attend. I’m not sure if I’m that terribly interested in seeing Utena but I haven’t met Anders yet.