Qt3: This week's PowerUser.tv Xbox360 stuff

This week’s PowerUser.tv’s game segment has a lot about the Xbox 360.

In particular, apparently the CEO of Ubi Soft made a comment that one of their games is too dark on a regular TV versus high-definition.

I was wondering if this is something others have seen – are Xbox 360 games visually that different (especially in terms of darkness) on regular TVs over high-def?


It’s an interesting reversal - thanks to last minute changes, Rayman was one of the only games that was actually visible on the original GBA.

There was already a big thread here about the problems of the kong game.

Thanks Guido!

I finally listened to this today and I actually have more problems with the wish for the end of anonymity on the internet.

They list their reasons why anonymity is bad (like, people are asshats), but they never even think why anonymity might be good.

How about the teenager who’s wrestling with his/her sexuality and wants to talk about it with others who are going through the same thing?

How about people dealing with addictions who wouldn’t talk about it without anonymity?

How about people contemplating suicide who again wouldn’t talk about it w/o anonymity?

How about people wanting to feel free to post in the penis thread here on Qt3 without the fear that their employers, creditors, and insurance providers will google them and find everything they’ve ever said?

C’mon guys, the problems of anonymity that you talk about are pretty minor compared to the benefits, and the threat of abuse of power once these chips go live is too great (especially given the current political atmosphere).

Anonymnity can be turned off or on. Always. It’s a feature of Information Theory.

Agree with Dean.

I’m afraid a lack of anonymity would lead to much worse abuses than its presence.