QT3 Titan Quest Gaming Nights (tales, movies, screenshots, as well)

We held – well OK at least it was the first time I was hosting :) – the First Quarter to Three game night with “chick” as the password…

I promised the Lads I’d post some screenshots (I’ll keep relatively small) and movies. And we can announce further games here too perhaps. :)

And I did FINALLY beat that dang Manticore – an “elemental resistance” scroll was key I think.

The game name. :)

Much pleasantly mindless chatter. ;)

“Jimmy, do you like to watch gladiator movies?” :)

Several people joined up. We had 4 for quite a while, and 3 most of the time. I set the game for up to 5 - I usually find 4 or less is best lag wise.

I was too busy taking FRAPS movies to catch any action shots I’m afraid. I’ll put a couple in next post later.

I had fun, and if my pained wrist can stand it we’ll do it again tomorrow. :)

Ohhh it’s too late and I’m pooped, you’ll have to settle for a “blink and you’ll miss us” video of the Fearsome Threesome in action. No, not THAT kind of threesome. :D

Geo you still need that 1 more spectral matter? Just picked up an epic one doing a little leveling.

Actually i need the whole 5/5 set but even one would be great. :)

I’m a long time lurker / reader of qt3… finally got around to registering so I can post (though that will still be a rather rare occurrence). Darkblade was my character - sorry for not hanging around for long; it was getting rather late here in Europe.

This was my first go at playing TQ multiplayer, and I had a blast - thanks to Geo for setting it up!

I’ll be setting up a game now for a hour on epic to do some farming, after that I’ll be on again around 10 for a while.

Work is hell (I’m a writer like Tom C. but about a much less entertaining subject :D) tonight, and my “Titan Quest wrist ligament problem” is worsening. I probably won’t be on tonight, but maybe tomorrow. By all means keep the team spirit going. :)

Queasy was of course a blender-like terror, but I also enjoyed being a shield-charger (Maximus) alongside a shield-rend’er (more of a shield bashing skill tree) type. I don’t tend to run into many non-melee types in Epic. I know they’re out there though.

Hmm odd thing just happened finised taking down Cory and I got punted to desktop and can’t reconnect now. I’ll keep trying though.

I’m gonna try playing with my wrist at a weird angle, maybe it’ll ease my pain or make it worse. :D I’ll have a game up for about an hour or so starting in a minute.

It’ll again be Epic and something like:

Gamename: Geo-Quarter2Three-Act3

Password: chick

I’d join but my character is far too low level. :(

I’d join but my guy is one level above your level limit.

I’d join but my INTERNET connection is one level below driving over to Geo house and giving him a CD with my character on it.

Ha just like I planned! :D No, I usually set it to maybe +/- 5 otherwise people 15 levels above me join, cackle and start screwing around in my quests in act 4, and then I usually end the game. But for us I’ll make it +/- 10 or so next time I try this. :) Maximus is 48, much of the monsters are in the low 50s now. Queasy just laughs at them but I’ve got more modest equipment to this point, I probably need to refigure out my armor and resistances too.

‘hurry up’ ;)

I think my dood is still level 11. I just haven’t been playing games as much, as I was gone the whole last weekend.

I’m shutting down for at least a couple days until my wrist stops hurting. Just skipping TQ last night helped. :D By all means keep the Q2Three gaming nights going while I’m on medical leave. ;)

I could host a game with my templar on normal tonight, he’s getting killed in the new act so far, mainly because I haven’t found any good upgrades.

Just for fun I made a level 1 character and made it level 50 in TQ Defiler editor (with level appropriate skill and stat points that I then spent in game), then gave it the waypoints up to Asia and 5 million gold. Turned it into a Dreamkiller, and now I’m just fooling around with it and trying to smooth out the rough spots and learn how to play it a bit. Maybe when I’m comfortable I can join you guys in a game with it. lol

If anyone wants to play I’ll be on in a few minutes playing in normal.

I was going to join a game just now and saw this:

Is there really a cowboy hat in the game? Or is it some sort of hack? :p (If it was a hack I wouldn’t think i’d be able to view it per se)

I focused on soloing tonight, and seeing if I could position my wrist a bit differently and it seemed more comfortable. I found some cool Epic “bone” leg things. I think once I get to that last brief leg of Act 3 I’ll start hosting again, maybe tomorrow night.