QT3 (Unnoficial) GOTY - PC Voting Begins HERE

I’ve tabulated the entries and done the math.

Here are your selections for QT3 PC Game of the Year!

Space Rangers 2
Titan Quest
Company of Heroes.
Neverwinter Nights 2
Galactic Civilizations 2

Voting is through New Years EVE.

Once the voting has closed I’ll post the actual voting numbers from the original balloting. Some interesting stuff there…

There are six choices because it was too close to just have five

I only played GalCiv 2 out of that list so that’s what I voted for. If 1701 AD was on the list, it would get the nod. Or Armadillo Run.

(sees CoH winning already)

Had to go for Space Rangers 2. Plus, when you bought that game, you got Space Rangers 1 for free. Talk about great value…

Come on! when are we going to see another one like that? it had text adventures people, TEXT ADVENTURES! and great RTS segments! well, maybe not great but FUN. (heh).

Also, english with a russian accent FTW.

Space Rangers 2 came out in 2005, didn’t it?

Given that list, I reluctantly vote for Oblivion.

Company of Heroes is an RTS game that non-RTS fans can somewhat enjoy or want to like, so for that it gets my kudos.

Released in the US in 2006 as I was led to believe.

Space Rangers 2 totally came out in the US September 2005. There was a separate Cinemaware release a few months later, but it had already been available since 2005.

Are you guys doing some sort of screwy Fiscal Year GOTY or something? :)


Maybe someone should have said something earlier.

So far I’ve spent a ton of time on this and received no positive feedback. Feel free to shit on me at will.

Don’t worry, Space Rangers 2 won’t win. :) And the guys who deserve grief are the goofballs who chose it!

But hats off to you for doing this, Andrew. I know a lot of us are just quietly enjoying it, waiting to see how it turns out.


All SR2 votes should be moved to Company of Heroes.

CoH is mad sweet. I still think that Godhand should be up there.

Well, I agree, but it would be on the console list in either event.

Maybe it deserves to win for BOTH YEARS, huh? have you tought of THAT, huh?

Seriously, the fact that a lot of us vote for it (a lot being, like, 4) should say something. About something. Yeah.

It would fit in with The Quaterlies, which, as pointed out by someone else, only come out once a year. :)

Whoops. Here I am, being relieved to not see Wii Sports up there looming over me.

Oh, THAT’s where I have to put the write in vote for Wii sports! Gracias! :-)

Gothic 3—writein vote.

I will not shit on you, Andrew, but I will vote for Oblivion.

Well, with Company of Heroes well on its way to victory, I’m going to write in for Dark Messiah.

Just kick it.

Can’t confidenty vote for any of these titles for GOTY. And I’ve played all of them, save for Company of Heroes.

I agree with McBain above – Dark Messiah, despite its problems, was more enjoyable than all of the listed games (save CoH, which I can’t speak for).

GalCiv2: Got old really, really quick. Hopefully the expansion will bring it closer to a MoO2 level of flexibility and intrigue.

Oblivion: Dark Brotherhood was serene. Main quest was awful. Game mechanics were broken. Horse Armor was disgraceful. Call it an RPG and it’s disappointment of the year, call it an FPS and it’s still a worse FPS than Dark Messiah.

Company of Heroes: Like I said, haven’t played it. World War 2 = ultra boring, I don’t care how mechanically awesome it is. Waiting for <$20.

Space Rangers 2: A cult classic. I enjoyed it the first time I played it, but couldn’t get into it after that, despite its touted replayability. It’s also a year old and doesn’t belong on this list.

Titan Quest: Not meaty or balanced enough. Unlike Diablo 2, where I was excited to transition from Normal to Nightmare, when I beat Titan Quest on Normal, I was just… bored. Again, good while it lasted, but hardly memorable.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Runs like crap on my top of the line rig, which is odd since it’s basically a normal mapped, higher-res textures NWN1. OC is also majorly disappointing, with forced party compositions, braindead AI, etc.