Qt3 Unsolved Mysteries?

Now that we finally have an answer to Rajah’s question, it seems that all we need is a definitive answer to the ancient question of what “Can I get a game of longies way us?” actually means.

Are there any other Qt3 unsolved mysteries?

Who is the Narrator?

Did we ever find out why you might want to drill holes in an LCD screen?

Also, there was that ‘research’ for a top-sekret, yet sadly unidentified MMO.

How much money did Jose Liz ever end up making?

How long was did Tom Chick know John Many Jars was Kitsune?

To follow, does Kitsune really live in Japan or northern California?

Nobody found the picture my dad had hanging in his office of Arabs riding camels over a sand dune, waving swords as a (white?) man on a horse rode a few yards out in front of them. I am almost certain it was a movie still he had blown up to poster size and framed. You could never be sure if the man on the horse was about to be killed, or if he was leading the Arabs into an attack. What a great image.

Who was Unicorn McGriddle’s other nom-de-Qt3?

Does the plane take off?

What the hell ever happened to smeretzky?

What is the socially acceptable way to request someone share their bag of chocolate chips?

Was Sansker really smaller than a cardboard cutout of John Candy?

Sounds like a Lawrence of Arabia still, really.

And was he just big boned?

Should you smooch on the first date or not?

Same here.

Is there such a thing as a supertaster?

What is the coolest username on QT3?

Do internet dating sites really work?*

  • and should you be required to disclose up front that you are in fact a Supertaster?