Qt3 Viral Marketers: Register Yourself Here

I’m not a viral marketer (VM), but I figured it would make things a lot easier on all of us (and innocent new arrivals) if those of you who are could take the time to identify yourself here.

Please post your name, the company you shill for, and, ideally, a really great one liner I can use for my Location/Signature/Xbox Live Motto that really sells your product to the unwashed masses who need your good and/or service but just don’t know it yet.

Think of this as the Lobbyist Registry for Qt3. Come on out of the closet.

Now, begin!

I am also not a viral marketer. To prove it, please visit my myspace page.

I in fact am a viral marketer. I shill for NCsoft at the moment.

One line quote: “NCSoft - We Rock Loudly”

I’m not a viral marketer, I swear. It’s just that, as a real gamer, I like quality and fun in my games, a kind of synergestic experience that I can really relate to, as a real gamer. Because of that, I’ve really been playing a lot of Jaws Unleashed by Majesco Games recently. You should check it out! Did you know thatPRODUCTINFOJAWS broke all box office records to become one of the highest grossing films of its time. The movie has had a lasting impact spanning decades and now JAWS: The Game is poised to recapture the horror of being preyed upon by the most feared creature in the ocean. JAWS: The Game re-creates scenes and character spinoffs from the movie while allowing the player to experience the JAWS universe from a unique perspective that of the Great White Shark.? It’s true! You should check it out!

So we don’t want new posters to express a strong opinion?
We want their first post to be a polite introduction followed by at least a couple of hundred ‘me toos’, ‘boy that Bill Dungsroman is funny’ and the safe 'Koonz=wacko!" and only then after 1000 posts can they begin discussing things… like games and stuff, without getting the instant VM brand.
I wish somebody told me.

Boy that Bill Dungsroman says some funny things.

I’m not a shill, but I play one on my blog.

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I just realized that if I’d said “Visit my myspace space” it would’ve read a bit funnier.

Bill is funny?

I shill for Computer Games Magazine. I’m virus free, however.

Our motto: “We suck less than the other guys. Most of the time.”

No of course not, but you gotta admit it was a little odd to see so many low count posters who felt very strongly about Sony, while there didn’t seem to be any new low count Nintendo or Microsoft fans to counter them.

I’m sort of like an unpaid viral marketer who owes no allegiance to any company or product. When I find games I like, I virally market them, which means I defend them from criticisms and extoll their virtues.

One-line quote: “Kirby Air Ride is the greatest racer in history.” (and it’s true)

Well, we could just chalk that up to blind Sony fanboism and zealotry. There seem to be far more of them on Sony’s side. I think gamers with the more open minds are more receptive to the whole concept of owning more than one machine.

I don’t viral market right now, but if someone’s got a position open, let me know. I could use some extra cash for that sweet sweet Sony PS3. Not because it’s expensive, because it’s a bargain! But because I’d like to send them a little extra for feeling bad that they’re pricing it so low.

I know! Did you see the shirt Kaz was wearing?


“Really, We’re releasing a system someday”

Actually not. I am continously surprised at the high number of raging Nintendo fanbois unwavering in their belief that the Wii will somehow not be number 3 this time around too, I just saw the 2 or 3 new Sony fanbois as somebody who lurked or Googled on by and felt a need to even the balance a bit. I still think blind fanboism is 10 to 1 in Nintendos favour around here.

You know, there’s a difference between viral and subliminal, right Charles? :D

Oh, and Hanzii, we really do want to protect our innocent new arrivals… Which is why we so desperately need this registry. Now, go forth, my minions, and virally market this thread amongst all the others in the Games forum! Let it rise to the top of this forum much as that awesome new game on Xbox Live Arcade, the incomparable UNO, rises, phoenixlike, from the ashes of family card game history!!11!!UNO!1111One!

I think my greatest defense against being labelled a VM is that I’m equally ready to roast anyone and anything. Score one for being a jaded cynic!

And speaking of nintendo, I’d love to see the Nintendo fanboys explain why for Zelda, Metroid Prime 3, and Red Steel, the demoers all appeared to be having problems controlling the game.

Wait, I’ll shortcut! “Prototype controller!”

smiling, nodding

I VM for Sony