Qt3 Viral Marketers: Register Yourself Here

I am NOT a viral marketeer at all.

My feelings of absolute loyalty for the PS3 are based on first-hand gaming experience, not some idiotic brand loyalty.

While Jake is my handle, my real name is K. Kutaragi… No wait! Ken K. And I work for Sony.

As such, I’ve actually played Warhawk and KillZone 2 and I can tell you that both are almost as good as Ridge Racer and worth $599. In fact, $599 is probably too cheap. But hey… I’m just being honest.

Actually, I was just accepted into the Bang! Howdy alpha, I’d like to viral market that, if I was allowed to talk about it…

I’m not a viral Marketer. If y’all think I’d do a really good job someone recommend me to a major company because I could use the dough.

In defense of my unusually pro-Sony sentiment. The Xbox/Xbox360 at this point doesn’t have any exclusives that interest me. All of the classy Xbox titles tend to get a decent PC port (KOTOR/Fable/Halo/etc). Seeing Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, and Devil May Cry on next gen hardware is exciting to me as is the impending development by Sony centric studios like Atlus.

I’m not a shill but I’ve been accused of being one!



[/U]Charles- for your next challenge, will you please slate all the other formats, PC and handhelds, in no more than 50 words?

I think the reason our newfound Sony boosters are seen as plants is because you’d sort of have to be one to spin E3 as anything but a negative for Sony. There’s just a few other possible explanations, like: being twelve years old; having an unhealthy obsession with the original Ridge Racer; or you’re Jon Peters and your hard-on for giant spiders has mutated into one for giant crabs.

I think you forgot the words “next gen gameplay” and “massive damage” in there somewhere.

Don’t forget real-time weapon switching. SOLD!

Ebola! Catch the fever!

This thread makes me wish I had an alt account with 0 postcount that I could use to shill for Sony. Or use to practice my gay pick up lines on chet. Or both. Both that would be awesome.

Normally I’m not a viral marketer, except when I try to persuade people to see movies like “Big Momma’s House 2” and “Elektra.”

By the way, “Just My Luck” is playing at a theater near you!

Why do new people with dissenting opinions have to be “viral marketers?” Why can’t they just be “fools?”

If I were starting a new toon on Qt3 I would limit my first 350 posts to “I’m in complete agreement!” following something Tom or Sparky said. Either that, or bury all my comments somewhere in the Hardware forum.

Its more of an insult to be called a viral marketer.

That would be awesome! Then instead of being associated with Ebola I could be associated with the pity of Mr. T.

I think you mean

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I’m a VM for various Rogue-like games. Angband, Doom-RL and T.o.M.E. to be more specific.

“Who needs NURBS when you have ASCII?”

Ahhhhh! Now I get it. Nicely done.


That’s a great slogan!

I am a viral marketer but I am not going to tell you who I work for.