Qt3 Viral Marketers: Register Yourself Here

Are you eating more cat food lately but enjoying it less?

I am a viral marketer. PM me within the next five minutes, and I will tell you how to get a 15% discount on an H5N1 strain of bird flu!

I’d like to say a big “fuck you” to those of you who instantly try to label others so that their opinions can be dismissed. “He’s a fanboy.” or “He’s a shill.” or “He’s an idiot.” or maybe “He’s a commie.” What’s the difference? I’ve heard it all before. I was born in the Ukraine before the fall of the U.S.S.R. So when I came to the States, all I heard from people who tried to silence me was “Commie” or other racial slurs.

But there I go again, trying to give you a bit of insight about me. My apologies for being up front with my opinions and who I am right out of the box. Seems like all I succeeded in was giving your more ammunition. If you guys are just looking to squelch dissenting opinions, you’re doing a great job. I couldn’t feel less welcome.

If you’re planning to excuse your behavior by calling it “hazing,” understand that I have been reading for a while and haven’t seen an entire thread here dedicated to bashing a new user before.

I hadn’t actually intended to single you out, K0NY. I mean it. There’s been quite a few false accusations of “viral marketer”, “plant” and “shill” lately. Which you should know if you’ve been lurking. And I don’t think you’re actually a viral marketer. I doubt anyone does. You’re too damned earnest and sweet! And that MySpace page was the clincher.

You’re just the most recent example. And yes, we’re having some fun at your expense, but we’re really not trying to drive you away. If you are that sensitive, however, you might not be all that comfortable here in the end. There are some really nasty people here, and they haven’t even made an appearance yet.

And when they do, who knows which way they’ll turn their fury?

All I can ask is that they spare me, oh please… at least promise to kill me last, Bill?



My name is Brad Wardell and I’m here to sell you time shares.

Did you know now is a great time to take advantage of excellent savings in Florida Time Shares?

I’m just saying…

Please tell me more!

I would very much to receive your literature on the subject, Brad.

Yeah, I can definitely say from experience that, after the first 200 posts or so, you don’t even notice the "fuck you"s anymore.

So, you’re not actually King of New York, but the Czar of New York.

Jesus, MattKeil was right!

KONY – I mean K0NY – isn’t doing himself any favors here, but I have to agree with him that all this “OH YOU MUST BE A VM” silliness is…well, silly. And it’s so funny how it’s exploded just in the past few weeks. I guess there was some news story about it recently, right?

On the other hand, I’ve been posting for ages (OR IS THAT JUST PART OF MY CLEVER PLAN) and now anytime someone doesn’t agree with me I can just go “OKAY WHATEVER MR. VIRAL SEE YOU IN HELL!” So that’s kind of nice. Does it work for anything, or just games? Does it work when I like something and other people don’t? Like I think Tom is some kind of anti-Poseidon viral marketer.

I’m a viral marketer for the Atari Cosmos. It’s gonna pwn. If it doesn’t, I’m switching allegiance to the Adam.

We had one like, last week. And several other threads before that. And yet some people manage to post without pissing off huge chunks of the existing community.

Hell, Midnight Son’s been here since before people thought up Intelligent Design and he still gets flamed. It’s nothing to do with how new you are.

Ok, what I want to know is, how prevalent is this term at this point? Do I have to worry about my parents calling to tell me that their computer has “caught the viral marketing” yet, or is that still a year or so off?

The last time I remember seeing the shill/viral marketer accusations flying around was about a month ago. Perhaps this board has a menstrual cycle?

If you are a commie doesn’t being a shill for a large company go against your very nature? So are you a commie or a marketer?

Come for the insular community, stay for the pissy vitriol.

I’m not cool enough to be a shill or clever enough to be a viral marketer. But I can dissent like nobody’s business.

Déja vu!