Qt3 vs. GG BF1942 tournement

Yeah! Lets do Fri. the 11th at 11PM Eastern, 10 PM CST, 9PM MTN and 8PM Pacific. That should be good for all time zones. I’ll see if I can get a dedicated server so I can pass on the IP… see you guys on the frontline! BTW, classic BF or DC .3?

I’m definitely up for a grudge match.

I’ll also add my vote for the assault kit, especially over the AT kit. The AT kit is one of the less-useful kits, IMO. It’s good when the enemy is in a tank and you don’t have a vehicle. In any other situation, I’d rather be some other kit.

Maybe it’s the maps you’re playing on. Some have more tanks available than others.

I’d like to see see two assaults taking out even a Chi-Ha, if it has a proper driver.

Sorry guys, but nothing beats AT when it comes to tank busting. Heck, if you want a really cheesy strat on Stalingrad, spawn half your team as AT and half as assaults. The ATs, if they’re competent at all, can give that first-shot first-kill capability that doubles your odds. They’ll also eliminate any tanks quickly and you’ll capture the city.

Yeah, but that’s ALL the AT kit is good for. Against any other infantry, they’re just a walking target. I’ve taken out people with the pistol from time to time, but it’s not something you can generally rely on, and it has zero range. Against vehicles, the AT can be good, if you are smart. They work best with support (preferably an Assault character or two) to guard them against enemy infantry, and you have to be smart about ambushing tanks (and relocating after you get off a shot–tank drivers have terrible situational awareness, and a good AT player will take advantage of that). I see way too many AT players shoot rockets into the front armor of Tiger tanks, for instance. What a waste of ammo.

An engineer, played well, can be just as effective against tanks, though. And they have a better weapon.

Personally, I’d rather play an Assault kit. They are far from useless, Robert–their primary weapon is the most effective weapon in the game, and works well both at range and in close combat. Like Chet said, control is the key. If you fire off long bursts while running, you’ll never hit anything that’s more than twenty feet away.

One thing I haven’t been able to do is map my Logitech Freedom 2.4 to the plane. The throttle never works (it only wants to go backwards), and I can’t seem to get the axes (axises?) calibrated properly.

I’ve resorted to flying by keyboard, and that’s just not the way to go, I fear.

Any tips on mapping a joystick? Maybe someone’s got the same stick and can send me a .cfg file?

So is this a go tonight? I hope so. Is there a server available Mr. Rubyeye? Please let us know.

Should the qt3ers use a clan type prefix, such as qt3 or SOW (sons of wumpus)?

I’ll play. Got a server and time?

Edit: OK, so I didn’t read. Still, I’ll play.

I’m up for it too. What’s the skinny?

I’ll play. Got a server and time?

Edit: OK, so I didn’t read. Still, I’ll play.[/quote]

I am in. Just remember Cathcart that when I TK you it will be because of an accident and not because you named yourself Captain Pikachu. ;)

– Xaroc

Count me int. (ha!)

Odd how wumpus hasn’t posted here.

Ben, I meant that with the Panzerschreck, you have first-shot, first-kill against any infantry. This can utterly destroy the balance on small maps as teams collide early. Yes, there is no splash damage. No, it doesn’t really make a difference - not with BF’s netcode and not the way people play against ATs. They don’t understand that even a Sturmgewehr can’t kill anyone as fast as a bazooka.

I think you’re underestimating the AT, but that’s ok - a lot of people do.

They do more for a team than any other class. Sure engineers can blow up tanks - if they place their mines correctly or suicide rush the tank. The game revolves around tanks. Aircraft are feared not for their infantry-killing ability, but because they kill tanks. You cannot take a defended enemy base without armor, and it’s very difficult to defend against an armored attack if you don’t have tanks yourself. The AT’s ability to attack a tank is what makes them so useful.

This game is meant to be Rommeled or Pattoned. Tanks are the gods of war. Anything that can stop them immediately has higher value.

I’m in too. 11pm ET, and we’re just waiting on the server then?

Probably because he knows if he plays he is in more danger from our team than the other. ;)

Ok, that is the last of my TK jokes try the veal and please tip your servers.

– Xaroc

And not necessarily just destroying the tank – the ability to keep the person in the tank on his guard so that he doesn’t do the “drive in fast as he can shooting up everything in sight” tactic.

I think one of the funnier things in BF1942 though is when a bridge is mined and a column of tanks tries to cross. The first tank see the mines and breaks, and everyone else gets in a multitank pile up.

I agree that the AT guy can be very effective even against infantry. I can rack up a lot of inf kills with the zook/faust, but most of them are either against the unsuspecting, or the against the slow at close range. As an experienced assault, if I see an AT guy with any kind of fair warning, I consider that person an automatic point in the score column. So your point stands, they are an important counter to tanks, they can survive on their own using a little guile and reflex, and IMHO they are a lot of fun to play. But I still think the assault is the most powerful class. You just gotta have a lot of them in anything except super heavy tank maps (although they’re extremely important in that tank mess called Aberdeen, mostly for the all important center village).

I posted a message inquiring about the server info at GG. Hopefully rubyeye is as good as his word.

I dunno. People shoot at me with the Panzerschreck all the time. I just step out of the way. They move slowly and are tough to miss (what with the huge plume of smoke and telltale “whoosh!” sound). Seems like a waste of ammo to me–if you don’t get a direct hit, you aren’t going to kill a foot soldier. Alternately, if a foot soldier allows you to score a direct hit on him with a Panzerschreck, then he’s probably not someone you want on your team. If you want a good “one hit, one kill” weapon, play the Engineer. Or the Assault. It may take more than one bullet, but you can probably take down an AT with the assault rifle and still have time to step aside before his rocket reaches you.

At least, that’s been my experience. I don’t think the AT is useless, but going up against an Assault character I’d give him 10 to 1 odds against.

I’ll vote classic, if only because I haven’t gotten around to trying DC yet.

I’ll vote classic, if only because I haven’t gotten around to trying DC yet.[/quote]

I agree classic. I don’t even have DC yet.

– Xaroc

P.S. Why in hell are they adding freaking jet packs to BF1942? If I wanted Tribes I would play Tribes.