Qt3 vs. GG BF1942 tournement

DC isn’t balanced enough for my tastes, so I vote vanilla BF.

It may be a moot point because so far rubyeye has not shown up with server info.

I’ll play either DC or classic, both are fun. DC is totally unbalanced, but it might be a nice introduction to people who haven’t tried it. What DC really needs are maps that take advantage of the speed of the vehicles and the usefulness of the helicopters. A couple of maps with some flags only accessible by airborne troops would be very interesting. I want a hot LZ that means something!!

The problem with the helos is that everyone has a parachute, so there’s no need to actually land the helicopter. Heck, seeing as how its so hard to fly the helicopter, that’s probably a good thing.

I’ve been reading a lot of threads (elsewhere) about how hard the Helos are to fly. I’m glad to hear that. It makes me pretty damn impressed with some of the Apache pilots how keep killing me and my tanks!

Let’s get this on!
Go team GG! :)

I think the choppers must be a lot easier with a joystick, but I can just barely get the blackhawk up and pointed in the direction I want to go in. I like to fly as gunner or paratrooper more than anything else.

Right around an hour until the game is supposed to start. Anyone hear anything yet?

– Xaroc

If you guys don’t get a server by 11PM EST I’ll just find one for us to play in.

That would be great jazar! I just posted this over there on the pertinent thread:

So is this the GGers chickening out? Where’s rubyeye and the server information? We’re still game, unless you guys are chick, chick, chicken. :D

We’ll see if that gets them going.

I have a joystick, but all my chopper skills came from far far too much playing of Longbow 2.

The helicopter in DC flies like mush. You push the nose forward and you just don’t go forward like you should.

Ok, under 5 minutes until start and no word on a server. Looks to me like a no go. :(

– Xaroc


Funny thing is, the GGers are reading this thread and are ready to jump in whatever server jazar picks. Pick a good one Jazar, something roomy!

SORRY ASE told me it was empty but when I tried to join it was full. :(

Hey how about we all just go here:

it is an empty conquest server.

– Xaroc


Yeah, its pretty full right now. Pick another one…

Machine from GG and I are the only people that made it in. Boy this would be great if we got our own server.

Sorry for the delay…

patience is a virtue…

This is new… not DC

That is a DC server. No DC here. :(

– Xaroc

Man, this is confusing. Where did the ip go?