Qt3, why do you hate?


Well at least we’re not racists, right Dirt?


Hate = fun.

Hate for Art’s sake.

I hate because I love

Don’t hate, masturbate!

Fuck Art, what did he ever do for me?

Damn that Tom for committing regicide!

He saved my life back in 'nam in 97 (vacation is hell), and if he likes to see a flamewar once in a while who am I to tell him it’s wrong?

kitten hater!

Jesus, then I’ve killed a lot of kittens. Perhaps the entire population of the planet. Twice.

God kills a kitten because it’s just too hard to wipe yourself off with a live one.

God, I hate kitten jokes

i hate hating things

Only epsiode I ever saw of Caroline in The City (or whatever the show was called with Marty Mcfly’s mom) was this blond guy who gets just really dumped on, thrown out of a limo, all this bad shit happens to him. He’s an artist and as all this is happening, he just keeping repeating “Pain Is Good For Art, Pain Is Good For Art”. Hilarious.

I heard the rest of the show sucked though.

We need a “QT3 trend of the week” forum!

Boredom or annoyance.

Before you can truly hate, you must hate yourself.

Sociopathic narcissists would hate you.