Qt3, why do you hate?

I don’t hate. I loathe.


I like hate and I hate everything else.

Dangera! Dangera! Hates on teh Intarweb!

Yes, feel the power of your hate flowing within you. Use it! Strike me down!

This is … Motel Hate.

I hate there for I am.

I hate you all.

From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

THIS is Ceti Alpha V!

This thread is dead, Jim.

Hey guys,

Could we please ease up on cluttering the forum with joke threads? There’s plenty of room to discuss a topic or make a funny in the thread that spawns these spin-offs.


You know, this thread was dead until you bumped it, Tom.

Yeah, most of them were. Oops, there I go again.



I’m ashamed to admit that when I read this, Tom singing a Britney Spears song popped into my head.

Top 10 Reasons I Hate Quarter to Three - sometimes :-) (tongue planted firmly in cheek, btw)
10) There’s no moderation
9) There’s no organization
8) Nobody ever stays on topic
7) People create a thread for every frigging thought they have on a given day and then encourage arguments about it (“My Belly Button Lint – Let’s Argue About It!”)
6) People argue politics as if anything anyone ever read on a message board ever changed their mind about any political feelings they ever had.
5) When I criticize a game or magazine here, someone who works on the game or magazine PMs me as if my opinion matters at all. Or is that a good thing? :)
4) Childhood playground quality temper tantrums and flame wars Deluxe replete with personalized insults and customized cussing. Hmm, again, is that a good thing? :D
3) Usenet flashbacks (meaning, to when I was using Netcom on my dialup to try to decipher alt.usenet.WhyAllGamesSuckRocks in 1993)
2) The thread you read yesterday and wanted to post in again is now on page 173 and it’s a pain in the arse to get to it

  1. Every other thread has “hate” in the topic ;-)

I love Quarter to three because:
3) All of the above :-D
2) All the special cameo appearances by game devs and journalists.

  1. QT3 Gaming Nights…

I’m so contradictory. :)



“I hate you I cause I hate me!”