QT3A - site security breach?

Admins (I assume that would be Chet)

Today I’ve been getting security warnings from my firewall when trying to post on the site. Here is a link to the bulletin which describes it.

As GladGuy posted here, I too was getting those Invalid_Session response errors in the past few days.

Just an FYI for you guys to look into. It could be a false alarm on the part of Norton Firewall 2003, but you never know with these things.

Well - Someone has been updating the front page. I would call that a security breach. Wouldn’t you? :lol:

Nothing was change by us - Mark? Tom?

I blame Tom. Or Norton.

These aren’t RAQ’s

Its a compaq P4.

The only time I get invalid_session messages is when I’ve disabled cookies in the browser…


LOL!!! Good point that

Oh ok. But I’ve never seen that one before except for today. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let some script kiddie hijaak our site again!!! (anyone remember that one?) - I was just about ready to roll up my sleeves and go find the focker. :D

What will all these guests and Huffman and his friends now trying to turn the site into a battle field, you can expect anything from them. I’m just going to sit back and watch. :roll:

I don’t know how to change anything. I can type words and make them appear on the front page, but that’s about it.

LOL Mark !

(cues up Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man)

This is sort of unrelated, but Derek, why do you keep calling this site QT3A? (I’ve noticed it a few times in the past couple of days.) This isn’t Quarter to Three: Arena… :D

I sure wish it was though. IM TAKIN TYJENKS DOWN

I’m questioning the wisdom of running a firewall 1) in software and 2) on the very computer you are protecting. Unless Derek is running it on another dedicated computer, in which case I still question the wisdom, I simply retract the implication that Derek doesn’t have said wisdom. :lol:

I run ZoneAlarm Pro on the machine directly connected to the cable modem at home (and then that machine shares the connection to two others via ZA’s version of ICS). It’s a home network, I don’t need a dedicated hardware firewall. Zone Alarm is better then the BlackICE crap that comes with XP, too.

You’re crazy. Hardware nat/firewalls with 4-port switches and including a wireless access point can be had for $80. They are vastly superior to all software alternatives short of pro-level Linux router installs.

I recommend the D-link DI-614+. The feature set of inexpensive routers these days is nothing short of amazing.

Stallone was great in that one.