Qt3FeedingFrenzy - game is over but still receiving e-mails

Qt3FeedingFrenzy has been over for a few months now, but I’m still receiving game notifications. Backov, can you please terminate these e-mails?

And thanks for hosting the game in the first place :D

Thanks, Jeff.

Not sure how you could be… With the last thread a few weeks ago I purged the crontab entries, killed the running game instances, and killed the scripts maintaining them. None of that is running now.

You get a bunch of queued up messages just come in?

I got one at 8:15 AM today. I lost my Dominions 2 CD months ago, and each reminder made me debate buying a new one.

Can someone post full headers so I can see what machine it’s coming from?

Thanks Ben… it’s as I suspected… The zombie server Copper has risen from its grave and the scripts are still running on it for some reason. I don’t actually own that server anymore, so it’s obviously just parked and running as is somewhere in their NOC.

RAWR ZOMBIE SERBER!!! That’s pretty hilarious.