Qt3's Xbox Live gamertags, PSN names, Wii friends codes, Battlenet names!

If you want to be on the list of Qt3 gamertags, PSN names, Wii friends codes, etc., etc., then go here and enter your info.

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PSN: CurmudgeonGamer

Xbox 360 = rrmorton

I would share my Wii friends code but I don’t have security clearance to access it on my system. Or perhaps I’m too dumb.

My Xbox Live gamertag is Skorin05.

Will be on a ton starting in September, and am always up for a round of multiplayer anything.

xbox live: http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=28395

incidentally, I be “Rimbosity”

Xbox LIVE - LivinItUp
PSN - LivinItUpInPhx
Wii Friend Code - 5501 8688 2318 7211

XBL: Jazar

PSN: Jazar

Wii: none :(

XBL: QT3 Skipper

Xbox live -> rowe33

XBL: skmittens
PSN: mittense

XBL: Bahimiron
Wii: Probably a bunch of numbers or something.
Steam: Bahimiron

Looking at that list makes me miss rjcc and his always calm and rational responses.

Way to go, Mister Platform-Agnostic. You can’t even ask us for our Steam aliases. :(

And guess which one of these services has more users… and probably more games.

Steam: Shadari

XBL: Rorschach Six
Steam: Rorschach
Xfire: Rorschach6

More PC love!

XBL/GFW: JoshuaMarshall
Steam: monofurioso
Xfire: monofurioso
Impulse: monofurioso

PSN: gordonrumble

Great idea.

PSN: idris_z
XBL: Gamblesta
Wii: (I forgot)

thanks tom, was looking for this.

Xbox Live: Keldroc

PSN: Keldroc

Wii: 2314 0520 05630 5258